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RPM is a collaborative effort involving Human ResourcesBusiness Services and Information Technology Services to implement Workday in the Douglas County School District.


Welcome to Workday

This spring, the Douglas County School District will be implementing Workday, a new system to manage its human resources, payroll and finance operations.

"Workday is really going to transform our business to allow us to be more efficient."
-Bonnie Betz

Workday will provide employees with a single location to find all of their information, making it easy to update such details as:

  • Address & Phone Number
  • Multilple Direct Deposit Accounts
  • Emergency Contacts
  • W-4

 It will streamline daily work in our Human Resources and Payroll departments. The following are some of the goals of the project:

  • Simplify and standardize processes
  • Make it easy to get work done and harder to make mistakes
  • Minimize administrative overhead for all employees and end users
  • Lower operating costs and improve effectiveness
  • Establish an accurate, trusted and timely reporting environment

Workday will also provide our leaders with better tools to manage their employees. Managers will have simple dashboards allowing them to track the status of their employees, including individual performance and vacancies.


What is Workday?

Workday is a human resources, benefits and payroll application that truly works the way people work. Workday has a modern, intuitive interface that users adopt readily. 

System is Sleek & Modern
While Workday is a robust system with the capability to complete very complex tasks, it is extremely easy for users to navigate.

"It is a lot like Facebook. You get in there and you get all the information. It's easy to navigate. You know what you're looking for. It's user friendly. That's the holy grail for any software system," said Chief Technology Officer Gautam Sethi.

DCSD is the First
Douglas County School District has earned a reputation as a "District of Firsts," unfraid to reinvent American education through intuitive tools for our employees like InspirED Innovation.  True to that innovative spirit, DCSD is the first public PK-12 instituion to implement Workday. The solution, however, is used by many universities and businesses because of its ease of use, the flexibility the system provides, low cost of ownership, focus on providing functionality unique to education, and the collaborative nature of new functionality design process.

Education organizations that are using Workday or planning Workday implementations include Sacramento Public School, University of Miami, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Georgetown, New York University, University of Rochester, Yale University, and University of Southern California. 

What does this mean for Douglas County School District

By replacing its aging computer systems that are becoming more costly and increasingly difficult to support, Workday will enable Douglas County School District to improve the way it administers and delivers key human resource, benefit, and payroll services to all employees.  Many of the paper-driven, labor-intensive business processes will now be automated, making it easier and faster to submit and track changes. In addition, processes will be built into the new system to ensure consistency and transparency, as well as complete, accurate and immediate reporting. 



The system is expected to really rev up the way you access benefits information, as well as open enrollment.

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What’s in it for me?

  • Comprehensive Pit Stop – Access all of your benefit resources in one location, including open enrollment, connections to health providers and plan summaries
  • Real-Time Data – Update all of your personal information in one place, including dependents, home address and more

Human Resources

Human Resources

Workday will revolutionize the way we do business, especially in Human Resources.
By replacing aging computer systems that are becoming more costly and increasingly difficult to support, Workday will enable the Douglas County School District to improve the way it administers and delivers key benefits, human resource and payroll services to all employees.

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What’s in it for me?

  • Speed – Processes will be faster, as Workday will eliminate the paperwork
  • Visibility – Employees will be able to track requests as they move through the process
  • Pit Stop – Employees will be able to access HR resources, including evaluation data, at a single location.

In fact, the entire evaluation process for Classified, Admin and Pro/Tech employees will move to Workday, eliminating the current Google Forms process.  
For certified employees, evaluations will be conducted in InspirED Innovation, but Workdaywill provide quick access to overall evaluations and standard ratings.



Workday will speed up processes and bring resources together into one tool. It will also bring beneficial changes to your paycheck.

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What’s in it for me?

  • Pit Stop – No need to go to a separate website to see your paystubs, W-2s and other payroll documents – they will be a click away in Workday
  • See What’s Under the Hood – Employees will be able to see exactly what is in their paycheck, including any additional pay and payroll deductions
  • The Whole Picture – Workday will provide a comprehensive view of your compensation including benefits, sick leave and retirement plans


What does this mean for you? 

Workday will impact all DCSD employees, enabling offices and individuals to better manage their personnel information. With 24/7 access from any computer or mobile device with Internet capability, you will be able to update your address, request vacation time, change a beneficiary, and view compensation and benefit information.  DCSD managers will also have easy access to staffing and organizational information. 

Finally, Workday is designed with enough flexibility to fully support the unique needs of education and will allow us to move from a monthly pay to twice- pay for all employees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DCSD implementing Workday?

Douglas County School District's current human resources and payroll systems were cobbled togther over years as the District grew and are now antiquated and no longer supported by the vendors.

After a rigorous eight month process, DCSD selected Workday to replace the human resources and payroll systems.

Workday was chosen because of its simple, intuitive interface. DCSD employees will be able to access/update their personal data and view their benefits and payroll information from any laptop or mobile device with Internet access. Workday will also provide managers and District leadership with real-time actionable business information that will allow users across the DCSD to get the data they need, when they need it, and transform the way DCSD conducts business and provides services.

What systems will Workday replace?

Currently, DCSD uses a variety of systems to accomplish Human Resources and Business Services functions. For instance, currently employees must log in to different systems in order to look at their paycheck,change their W-4 and to change their address or phone number. In the future all of these functions will be handled by Workday.

How will my day-to-day tasks be impacted by the implementation of Workday?

The goal of this initiative is to streamline processes and procedures; provide actionable data at your fingertips, facilitating effective, efficient decision making; and allow all employees more time to focus on their primary focus, our students.

Why Workday?

Workday was selected based on functionality, usability, total cost of ownership, and ability to meeting DCSD’s business requirements. Because it is a cloud solution, it is easier, quicker, and less costly to implement and operate than traditional enterprise systems. Workday is focused on serving the education industry. Brown, Yale, Georgetown, Cornell, USC, University of Rochester and Carnegie Mellon have either implemented Workday or are in the process of implementing Workday. They interact with Workday regularly and have the opportunity to guide the design and availability of functionality required for education.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is short for Software as a Service. It is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.

How and when will we be trained in the new system?

Online and instructor-led Workday training will be available for all DCSD employees depending on how you’ll use the system. Training will occur in the month prior to go live. 

Will Workday work with any browser? Will I be able to use a Mac?

Yes, most current browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will support Workday. You can also access Workday from a PC or Mac.