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Superintendent File: KI-R

The Superintendent values the presence in the district of volunteers who support district educational programs and activities.  Therefore, the Superintendent authorizes the use of volunteers as follows:

1.  When they perform duties on behalf of the school district under the direction of school district personnel, in a district school or in other district facilities, and/or during the regular school day.  All volunteers must complete a volunteer agreement form prior to volunteering.

2.  When they perform duties on behalf of the school district outside a district school or other facility and/or outside the regular school day, under such conditions as the Superintendent may impose.

3.  Not allow staff or non-students wishing to volunteer to complete useful public service as condition of criminal or traffic procedures.

The Superintendent reserves the right to require background checks and/or fingerprinting of volunteers in accordance with the above and in other situations as circumstances require.  The Superintendent or designee shall determine when such circumstances exist.

Each school shall follow established procedures for registering the presence of volunteers in the building.  Each school shall communicate applicable district policies and procedures to authorized volunteers who work in the district on a regular basis.

In addition to the above requirements, the school shall check the names of any parents, legal guardians, and relatives of students who volunteer their time in the classroom or school against the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Convicted Sex Offender website ( before allowing the person to perform volunteer services.

Volunteers in the school who do not have a legally recognized family or guardianship relationship to a student in the school shall be required to complete the District’s approved personal information form and have a background check performed through the District’s Volunteer Screening Process before volunteering in the school.

All volunteers for overnight trips must have the necessary paperwork required by Risk Management to include background checks prior to volunteering.

Adopted:  February 26, 2007
Revised:  July 2, 2009

CSR 24-10-103(4)(a) (Colorado Governmental Immunity Act – definitions)