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Board File: EEAFB

Motor vehicles purchased by the District for the transportation of students are to be used primarily for school purposes.  However, the Board may, under circumstances it deems appropriate, make these transportation vehicles, including buses, available for reasonable use by appropriate community groups to the extent such use does not interfere with or impair school operations.

Among community groups that may qualify for the use of school vehicles are those of five or more residents of the District who are 65 years of age or older.  Such groups shall be given special consideration in the use of vehicles as required by statute.  All groups shall be expected to pay or reimburse the District in an amount at least equal to the total actual costs associated with the operation of the vehicles.  In addition, the vehicles shall be covered by an insurance policy similar to, and with limits not less than, the coverage which is in effect while the vehicles are used for the transportation of students.

Non-school use of District vehicles shall not be intermingled with student transportation, nor shall it interfere with:

1. Student transportation to, from, or between schools;

2. Student transportation for school activities or functions;

3. Emergency transportation for students;

4. Routine, preventive, remedial maintenance, or service of vehicles or transportation equipment;

5. Training of District personnel; or

6. The provision of sufficient standby vehicles for school purposes.

Regulations and procedures for community use of District transportation vehicles shall be developed by the administration for Board approval.


Adopted: July 7, 1987
Revised: September 2, 2003

C.R.S. 22-32-128