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Need a ride?

Daily bus service is provided for students to and from schools, for special education students, as well as field trips.   

Each student is assigned to one bus stop relevant to his/her home address.  Routes are developed based on the safest number of riders per bus. To provide the safest transportation, students should only use his/her assigned bus stop.

All students who ride the bus to and from school are issued a Z-Pass card. Buses are equipped with readers that log the time, date and location when students enter or exit a bus. This information is used for tracking the number of student rides and provides helpful information in the event of an emergency or a missing child.

Z-Pass cards (including the initial card and all replacements - lost, stolen or damaged) are issued at a fee of $5.00 each. Bus fees are $0.50 for each one-way trip to and from school. An annual ride fee prepayment is available for $150 and covers unlimited rides for the current school year. You may select the annual ride fee prepayment online in EngagED Parent Portal. If you do not purchase an annual pass, you will be charged $0.50 per ride and will be billed on a quarterly basis.



Bus Route Information Go to EngagED Parent Portal to complete ZPass application