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Superintendent File: IJ-R

Procedures for Reviewing and Recommending Textbooks and Instructional Materials Required as Part of the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Proposals for the adoption of particular textbooks and/or instructional materials that are required as part of the curriculum may originate from individual schools as needs arise, from District committees as particular content areas come under review, or from the Superintendent or designee.

Prior to making a recommendation to the Board:

  1. The school or the District committee consisting of members of the World Class Education Department shall follow a consistent review process that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Reviewing the materials currently being used in the area of study and determining which of those materials should be retained and which should be replaced.
    2. Surveying new materials available for selection. Samples and information will be collected about all appropriate products that are currently available.
    3. Developing or revising, review and evaluation forms to adapt standard District criteria (appropriate, equitable, viable, research-based, standards-based, relevant) to the content area.
    4. Narrowing the selection to those materials that meet District criteria.
    5. Ensuring that materials are reviewed by those who will be impacted. Reviewers may include, but not be limited to, parents, community members, students, teachers, building administrators, directors of schools, and central office staff.
    6. Calculating and/or negotiating costs with selected vendors.
  2. The school or the District committee shall complete a proposal (IJ-E1 for textbooks or IJ-E2 for novels/books) for the selection that explains why it is needed, details how it aligns with the criteria outlined in Policy IJ, and documents how reviewers were involved. Any areas of potential controversy should be identified and an explanation of why the materials are appropriate, given those issues, should be included.

After the above steps are complete, proposals shall be submitted to the Chief Academic Officer for review. After consideration, the Chief Academic Officer shall forward the proposal along with the Checklist in IJ-E, to the Superintendent inclusion in a Board meeting agenda. Copies of proposed materials should be submitted with the request for Board approval and the Board shall have the opportunity to review the materials prior to the meeting at which they are considered for adoption.  

Adopted: October 18, 2005
Revised: May, 2012
Revised: July 15, 2014

C.R.S. § 22-32-109(1)(t)

IJ-E, Textbook and Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption Request Checklist
IJ-E1, Proposal to Adopt a Textbook
IJ-E2, Proposal to Adopt a Novel/Book-Length Work (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama)
IGA, Curriculum Development
IJA, Selection of Controversial Learning Resources