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Students organize art show to benefit local horse ranch

FRANKTOWN – Students from Franktown Elementary are hoping a project they started for a Destination Imagination (DI) competition will help a horse ranch that is only stone’s throw away from the school.

The fifth-grade students knew exactly what they wanted to do when they signed up for the Service Learning Challenge through DI this year.

“The top two things that we really wanted to work with were animals and people,” explained Franktown Elementary fifth-grader Jillian. “[Promise Ranch] is a horse ranch that helps kids with special needs, so we thought that was something we were really interested in.

“They really wanted to volunteer at the ranch, but they are not old enough, so this was an alternative solution,” explained Staci Teague, a Franktown Elementary parent and DI team manager.

The students decided to instead direct their energy to promoting the ranch and came up with the idea of an Art Show.

“We’re raising awareness for Promise Ranch,” explained Franktown Elementary fifth-grader Lauren.

“We really want more people to know about Promise Ranch, so that more people might donate to it,” added Jillian.

Teague says the project has given the students a chance to test the 4Cs and 21st Century Skills they’re learning everyday in class.

“That is what we like about DI,” Teague said. “Every single challenge in DI is using your artistic skills, there is a technology aspect and there is a presentation aspect.”

Over the past, these students have participated in DI’s Structural and Fine Arts challenges.

“What I’ve noticed over the past three years is that their ability to get up and speak in front of a large group of people has grown. They are able think quickly and creatively, because during the DI projects you have to solve problems rather quickly,” Teague said.

This year, the students have gained even more skills, learning how to organize the event, as well as how to reach out to potential sponsors.

“I think it is awesome,” Teague said. “They are learning how to communicate with adults. We have had good experiences and some not so good experiences and they’re learning how to go through both hurdles.”

They are currently working with Park Meadows Mall, in hopes that the student artwork submitted would be shown there.

Horse Themed Art Contest
DEADLINE: February 10

1. Artwork should reflect a Horse Theme.
2. Materials: All mediums (pencil, marker, paint, etc.)
3. Size restrictions: Artwork must be no larger than 8-1/2 x 11.

1. Elementary School Level (grades 3-5)
2. Middle School Level (grades 6-8)
3. High School Level (grades 9-12)

CLICK HERE for the Art Contest Flier

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