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Students meet with leaders from Google, Lockheed Martin at Career Connect Expo

Over 5,000 Douglas County 8th grade students attended the 3rd annual Career Connect Expo on Tuesday, November 10. The 2012 Expo was the inaugural event for the Douglas County Educational Foundation (DCEF) and was created by a group of business leaders and education professionals.

DCSD eighth grade students spent the morning interviewing and meeting prospective employers. 

“It’s really cool- I want to be a doctor when I am older and I got the chance to talk to some others in the medical industry,” said True Searle a student from Castle Rock Middle School.  “I explained to them my ideas on how I want to help rehabilitate amputees and make them feel better.”

The expo is a one day event for DCSD students from nineteen middle and charter schools to explore a wide range of career opportunities, interview business leaders and meet with higher education representatives. Over 75 employers took the time to meet with the students, including Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, State Farm Insurance, Comcast, Lockheed Martin, Anadarko and EchoPark Automotive.

For students, like Castle Rock Middle Schooler, Kaylin Flaherty, it was an eye-opening opportunity. “I really like being here, and it’s giving me a lot of good ideas and allowing me to take notes on a bunch of different ideas.  What’s really neat is there are even companies here with employees who we can speak to about the different jobs.  It’s allowing me to put everything into perspective.”

Several DCSD departments, including FFA, Information Technology, FBLA & DECA, Health Services, Family & Consumer Services, Human Resources, ProStart Culinary Program, Facilities Maintenance and Technology Student Association participated in the annual expo.  

“This is really cool, it’s giving me a lot of great ideas and the chance to walk around and meet with each of the different companies,” said Rocky Heights student Gabby Trujillo. 

Each year the expo becomes a crowd favorite and provides students the opportunity for real world connections outside the classroom walls.


November 11, 2015 | By CSilberman | Category: Middle School Education

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