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Superintendent File: EEAG

Students transportable for school-sponsored trips or activities shall use District-owned vehicles whenever possible.  However, privately-owned vehicles may be used for student transportation when, in the opinion of the superintendent or designee, this is the most practical or the only possible method of transportation, provided that the vehicle is safe, driven by a responsible adult, and covered by adequate accident and liability insurance.

The following minimum requirements shall be met:

  1. The parent or teacher transporting students in a private vehicle must carry $300,000 single limit or $100,000/$300,000/$25,000 comprehensive automobile liability insurance.
  2. Each school must have proof of the parent’s or teacher’s comprehensive automobile insurance on file. (A copy of the insurance policy page showing this particular coverage, submitted to the principal, shall be deemed sufficient proof.)

School administrators and other personnel designated by the superintendent are granted standard authorization by the Board. Other employees, such as coaches, music teachers, and activity sponsors may, in exceptional cases, be granted special permission to transport students in private vehicles, subject to the requirements set forth above.

Current practice codified 1978
Adopted: February 6, 1979
Revised: October 5, 1993
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted by the Superintendent: September 2, 2003