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Board File: JFAB-R

A child shall be deemed to reside in the District if:

  1. The child’s parents, or the survivor of them, reside in the District, or the one of them with whom such child resides a majority of the time pursuant to a valid court order resides in the District;
  2. The legally appointed guardian of the child resides in the District;
  3. The child has been emancipated by his or her parents, lives in the District, and has no guardian;
  4. The child has been abandoned by his or her parents and lives in the District;
  5. The child has become permanently dependent for his maintenance and support on someone other than his nonresident parents and makes his or her home and receives his or her support within the District;
  6. Regardless of the residency of the parents, if any, the child adopts a dwelling place within the District intending to remain there indefinitely and not to return to the dwelling place from which he or she came, and regularly eats or sleeps there, or both, during the entire school year. A child shall be deemed to not have the necessary intent if he or she regularly returns to another dwelling place during vacations or weekends;
  7. If one of the child’s parents/guardian is a public officer or employee, performing his or her duties and living temporarily in the District other than that of his or her residence.  Unless the parents of a child are permanently separated, the residence of the husband shall be deemed the residence of the child, but if the parents have permanently separated, the residence of the child shall be that of the parent with whom the child actually lives; or
  8. The child is found to be homeless pursuant to C.R.S. 22-1-102.5 and the child presently seeks shelter or is located in the District, unless the child attended school in another school district at the time the child became homeless, the child remains homeless, the affected school districts find that attendance in such other school district is in the best interests of the child pursuant to section 22-33-103.5, and the child chooses to continue attendance in such other school district.

Adopted: June 21, 1994
Revised: October 15, 2002