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Superintendent File: JIHA

Douglas County School District recognizes that electronic devices are tools of both communication and learning that, depending upon their use, can either add value to communication and learning or can cause disruption in the school environment. As such, electronic devices demand well-reasoned, practical and wise regulation in the school setting. Students may possess and use portable electronic devices including, but not limited to, laptop computers, cellular  telephones, MP3 and similar music players, radios, scanners, portable digital assistants (PDAs), wireless e-mail devices, etc., subject  to limitations of this and other  policies of the District under the following conditions.

  • Portable electronic devices are considered personal effects in a student's possession and thereby subject to the rules and regulations governing searches of such items under Board File JIH - Searches.
  • It is understood that there is educational value in utilizing portable electronic devices in classrooms when such devices aid in extending, enhancing, and/or reinforcing the students' learning process related to the educational outcomes they are pursuing. Approval for students’ use of such devices will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher or a building administrator unless the use of such a device is provided for in a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • The principal may establish and school personnel may enforce additional guidelines limiting or prohibiting the possession and use of portable electronic devices as appropriate to campus needs.
  • Students are required to turn portable electronic devices over to school personnel when requested. Students who refuse to do so may be subject to school discipline in accordance with District policy.
  • Portable electronic devices are allowed on District transportation vehicles within the limits of this policy.
  • Portable electronic devices are allowed to be taken and used on school trips, provided that they are used in accordance with this policy and within the rules or guidelines established by school administration.
  • Use of cameras or the camera features on a cell phone or other portable electronic devices in a restroom or a locker room or for any use constituting an invasion of any person’s reasonable expectation of privacy is strictly prohibited. Any device used for such purposes shall be confiscated by school personnel, and law enforcement authorities may be notified.
  • The District assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of students, including cell phones and other portable electronic devices in the possession of students. If confiscated by school personnel pursuant to this policy, reasonable care will be taken of the item until either its retrieval or its reasonably being deemed discarded.
  • Students violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Adopted:    October 22, 2007
Revised:     May 21, 2013

JIH, Searches
JIC/JICDA, Student Conduct, and subcodes
JK, Student  Discipline, and subcodes