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Board File: JQ-R

The District shall supply students with textbooks and instructional materials necessary for successful completion of courses of study as part of the District’s instructional program.

Students participating in enrichment activities which are not required may be assessed charges necessary to cover expenses such as admission fees, food costs, and transportation costs.  Students may also be required to pay the costs of materials for projects in specified classes.  The master list of all school fees shall be submitted to the Board of Education annually no later than May.

No fee shall be assessed unless Board approved, although the Board understands that certain fee amounts are variable depending on the activity.

Waiver of Fees:

  1. All Board of Education approved fees shall be waived for those students who meet the District eligibility requirements set by the federal poverty income guidelines.  These guidelines include those students on free and reduced-price meals (including homeless and foster students). Application procedures for waiver of fees shall ensure requests will be processed without embarrassment or publication.  Staff members shall make every effort to ensure no student is denied the right to participate in any school activity because of lack of funds.
  2. Transportation fees shall be waived for students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) that includes transportation services.

Failure to Pay Fees:

Failure to pay fees may result in sending the outstanding account to collections.

  1. In accordance with state law, failure to pay any fine or fee assessed pursuant to law shall NOT result in the withholding of records required for enrollment in another school.
  2. Failure to pay any fine or fee assessed shall NOT result in the withholding of any specific item paid in full such as a yearbook or athletic uniform.


May 21, 1991
June 30, 1992
July 21, 1992
May 18, 1993
June 15, 1993
August 1, 1993
May 16, 1995
July 20, 1999
June 1, 2010
January 18, 2018
Approved by the Cabinet of the Superintendent: February 8, 2018

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