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Board File: JQ

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 22-32-117, the District may charge student fees to offset costs associated with textbooks, expendable materials, band, orchestra, physical education equipment, transportation, as well as non-mandated educational program tuition such as preschool, full-day kindergarten, field trips and outdoor education programs. Students shall not be charged a fee as a condition of enrollment in school or as a condition of attendance in any class that is considered part of the academic portion of the District’s educational program, except for the aforementioned fees and tuition allowed by law.

All student fees shall be annually adopted by the Board no later than May prior to adoption of the new year budget. These fees shall bear a relationship to the actual costs incurred by the District in providing the books, materials, supplies, and programs. Please find the current year fees included as Appendix A to this policy. In addition, we have included a Transportation Field Trip Student Fee Calculator as Appendix B to this policy.

Students may be assessed fines or other penalties in accordance with applicable laws for lost, damaged, or defaced books, materials, or equipment.  Consequences for failure to pay fees will be in accordance with the accompanying regulation, JQ-R. 

Fees shall be waived for those students who meet the District eligibility requirements and guidelines set for free and reduced-price meals including homeless and foster children.  Any fee shall be waived if it would limit access to any academic program or participation in any event that would include athletics, field trips, graduation, AP  testing, elective materials fees, school sponsored club participation etc.  In addition, transportation fees shall be waived for free and reduced students (including homeless and foster students) as well as those students who have transportation as a related service on their IEP.

Fines and charges for replacement of textbooks or materials as well as additional charges for yearbooks, etc. shall not be waived.

Out of State Student Tuition:

Students who are non-resident in Colorado, inclusive of I-20 foreign students (foreign exchange students are exempt), shall be charged tuition based on per funded pupil student revenues received by the District from Colorado and local residents. This revenue shall include State equalization, State categorical funding, property taxes, specific ownership taxes, purchased services revenue, and other non-school based miscellaneous revenues.

Adopted: September 4, 1990
Revised: June 15, 1993
Revised: September 7, 1993
Revised: October 15, 2002
Revised: June 1, 2010
Revised: April 15, 2014

Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA)
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EFC, Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
JQ-R, Student Fees (Regulation)