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Board File: JICA

The Board recognizes that responsibility for the dress and appearance of students generally rests with individual students and their parents. Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for all school activities. The following general standards will be in effect:

  1. Reasonable cleanliness of wearing apparel is expected as a matter of general health and welfare.
  2. To avoid injury and disease, shoes, sandals, or boots must be worn in the buildings.
  3. Beach or swim wear and items of clothing intended to be worn while participating in athletics are inappropriate except in the gym and on athletic fields.
  4. Dress that causes or is likely to cause disruption of the educational process is prohibited.
  5. Wearing apparel that interferes with or endangers the student while he/she is participating in classroom or other school-sponsored activities is prohibited.  The decision as to the safety or unsuitability of the clothing is a matter for the instructor’s or school administrator’s judgment.
  6. Pupils must not wear hats or dark glasses in the building without permission from an administrator.
  7. Any manner of grooming or apparel, including clothing, jewelry, hats, emblems, and badges, which by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute is associated with or denotes membership in or affiliation with  any  gang,  will  not  be  allowed. The prohibition on gang-related apparel shall be applied at the discretion of building-level administrators after consultation with the superintendent or designee as the need arises at individual schools. (See District Policy JICF, Gang-Related Behaviors and Dress.)

Subject to approval of the superintendent or designee, principals may establish additional specific standards for their own schools. These standards will be published and distributed to students and a copy will be filed with the administration and posted in each school building in accordance with District Policy JIC/JICDA.

Disciplinary action for violation of any standard will include notification of the violation, the requirement that the clothing be changed before re-entering class, and, at the discretion of the building-level administrator, a parental conference. More severe disciplinary consequences, including suspension or expulsion, may result from repeated or serious violations.

Adopted prior to 1974
Revised: May 4, 1982
Revised:  December 3, 1991
Revised: October 5, 1993
Revised: October 15, 2002

C.R.S. 22-32-109.1(2)(a)(IX)

JI/JIA, Student Rights and Responsibilities/Due Process Rights
JICF, Gang-Related Behaviors and Dress
JKD/JKE, Student Suspension, Expulsion, and Classroom Removal