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    Douglas County School District launches new Secure Records Request Ordering Process.

    Order Student Records Online
  • Making Connections

    An essential piece in connecting required student level data, as provided for by state statute, to maximize funding eligibility as outlined in the Public School Finance Act of 1994.

  • Data Collections

    Ensures the quality and security of data gathered, archived and, at times, released from the student information system.

  • Open Enrollment

    Open Enrollment is now closed.  For more information, please go to Open Enrollment.  For Charter School enrollment, please contact the individual charter school you are interested in for more information.

    Choice Programing & Open Enrollment Process

Department Contact

Student Data And Information Services

Janece Rogers
SDIS Manager
Vernie Kent
SDIS Specialist
Robin Lane
SDIS Specialist
Lisa Ferrare
SDIS Administrative Specialist

Department Email: sdis[at]dcsdk12[dot]org

West Support Center - Castle Rock
701 Prairie Hawk Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 720-433-0095
Fax: 720-433-0131

Transcripts / Records Request - Currently Enrolled Students

All Records requests for a student currently enrolled in a Douglas County School need to be requested from the school where the student is currently attending.

Former Student / Alumni / Education Verifications / Government Agencies - Ordering Process

In an effort to provide better and more secure service to our alumni and former students, all transcripts requests, records requests, background verifications, corporate verifications, corporate information requests and government agencies (this does not include Subpoenas), must be made online using our automated student record / information request system.

Fax, phone calls and mail requests will no longer be accepted.

Records Management & Security

The Douglas County School District takes its responsiblity to keep student records secure very seriously. Learn more about the ways we keep your information private.

School Registration Forms and Policies

Are you new to Douglas County School District?  Need to register your children for school? All new student registrations are done at your School of Residence. Not sure which school your children should attend?  You can find the school boundary information on the Boundary Maps tab above. If you can't find the neighborhood school information on the Boundary Maps tab, please contact our office at 720-433-0095.

Required documents for Registration

  • Birth Certificate (State certified preferred)
  • Immunization Records Colorado Law
  • Proof of Residence (Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Property Tax Notice, Lease Agreement, County Assessor Page or Notarized Proof of Residency letter from the person you are living with (if your name doesn't appear on the proof of residency) along with a copy of their proof of residency.  
  • Transcript, Last Report Card or Withdrawal Form (whichever has the most current grade information).


Douglas County Schools - Online Check-in

Already enrolled into a Douglas County School and you've been informed that you need to complete Online Check-in? This link will take you to the District's Online Check-in Site. You will need your Parent Portal logon credentials to access Online Check-in. If you still need your Parent Portal account setup, please contact the school your child is enrolled at.

Douglas County Schools - Online Check-in


Foreign Exchange Student
Program Information

Foreign Exchange Students Sponsored by FE Organization (J-1)

Students attending a High School in Douglas County that are sponsored by a FE Organization are required to complete and submit the following information to the Student Data & Information Services department.

  • A certified English translated birth certificate must be provided to the District before approval can be given.

  • FE HOST Information Form - Available for download below.

  • A copy of the Foreign Exchange Organization's Power of Attorney from the parent(s) must be provided to the District when the completed HOST Information form is turned in.  It must contain the student's name, date of birth, parent(s) information, parent(s) signature and information about the Foreign Exchange Organization.

  • Proof of the English proficiency testing must be provided.  Tests currently being accepted are: 

    • SLEP (Second Language English Proficiency) proctored at their home country High School/University
    • iBT TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
    • ELTiS (English Language Test for International Students) 
  • A foreign student will only receive a certificate of attendance (not a diploma)


FE Host Information Form


Privately Sponsored Foreign Exchange Students (F-1)

Below are documents that outline the process you must go through when you apply for an I-20 form for a F-1 Visa. To have the application and approval process completed for the coming school year, it has to start by March of the previous year. In order to have the student attend a Douglas County School District school, we need to get the information back from you, present it to the school, they see if it is a fit and that they have room at their school to have a foreign student attend. Filling out this paperwork is not a guarantee that the student will be attending one of Douglas County School District Schools. It is very important that this is completed before the end of this school year (end of May). The high schools are on vacation and we will have to schedule a counselor and administrator at the school to review the paperwork.

Please remember:

  • a foreign student does not receive ESL (English as a Second Language) services

  • a foreign student must provide proof of their English proficiency.  Tests currently being accepted are: 

    • SLEP (Second Language English Proficiency) proctored at their home country High School/University
    • iBT TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
    • ELTiS (English Language Test for International Students)
  • a foreign student will only receive a certificate of attendance (not a diploma)

Please be aware that the tuition for Privately Sponsored Foreign Students is $9,139 for the 2017-2018 school year.

For more questions, please call our department at 720-433-0095. 

Application Procedure
Enrollment Procedures
Student Visas
Request for Enrollment
Affidavit of Support
Application Checklist

Temporary Guardian Information

Temporary Guardian applications are intended for situations when the Legal Guardian is not currently available and someone is going to step in and act on the Legal Guardians behalf. Although every situation is unique, Temporary Guardian applications are not used as a means of convenience, or to be able to enroll/attend the school of your choice. All Temporary Guardian applications are required to be completed through Student Data & Information Services. The application process will require the Legal Guardian(s) and the Temporary Guardian(s) to complete forms provided by our office and have them Notarized. All applications are required to be approved by our department prior to the student being allowed to enroll/attend school. Once approved the Temporary Guardian is good for 12 months and must be renewed if the student continues with our schools longer than 1 year.  The Legal Guardian may revoke the Temporary Guardian at any time and for any reason by providing our office with a written request to revoke the Temporary Guardian.

Please call us at 720-433-0095 to begin the application process.

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We have tried to capture most of the Frequently Asked Questions for our department. If you can't find your question answered here, please call Student Data & Information Services at 720-433-0095 and we'll be happy to assist you.

Q: How do I request a copy of my Transcripts for College?

A: Current students or recent graduates should request their Official Transcripts from the school they are attending or recently graduated from. Alumni who graduated more than a year ago should request their Official Transcript from our online Transcript / Records Request Program.

Q: How do I get an Official Copy of my College Entrance Test Scores?

A: ACT & SAT Test Scores are included on your Transcript (if we have them in our student information system). If Official scores are needed, you would request them directly from the testing agency.

Official ACT Test Scores can be request from
Official SAT Test Scores can be requested from

Q: How do I complete an Education Verification on a prior student with your district?

A: Background investigation companies or potential employers will need to provide a signed release from the individual student before we can release any information to your company. All verifications are requested online (you will upload the release online).  We will respond to your request, usually within 48 hours.

Q: I have misplaced my HS Diploma--where can I get another copy of it?

A: Your HS Diploma was a gift from the high school at time of graduation and there are no copies. Our office can provide you with a copy of your transcripts that may serve as evidence of graduation. Please see the Transcript / Records Request tab for information on how to request these records.

Q: We just moved to Douglas County--how do we get our child(ren) enrolled into your school district?

A: Our office would like to be the first to Welcome your family to Douglas County Schools. You can find information on enrollment of your child(ren) on our website or you can call our Department at (720) 433-0095.

Q: How do I know which school my child(ren) will attend?

A: All schools in Douglas County School District have boundaries established by our Planning Department based on your home address. You can find more information in the Boundary Map's tab.

Q: What if we want our child(ren) to attend a school other than our neighborhood school?

A: Douglas County Schools encourages choice when enrolling your child(ren) into school. We have many programs including Open Enrollment, Charter Schools, Magnet Schools, Alternative high schools, Online Schools, etc. Please see Choice Programming for more information.

Q: Where do we go to have my child(ren) enrolled into school?

A: Enrollments are typically completed at the individual neighborhood school where your child(ren) will attend. During the summer, when schools are closed, we will complete initial enrollments in our office, however you'll still need to go into the neighborhood school once they return to receive a teacher assignment and/or schedule.

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