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Superintendent File: JH-R

The primary form of documentation to establish student count, track student enrollment as well a student attendance and participation for online schools shall be a student progress report demonstrating participation in online courses from the school’s approved curriculum.  This progress report shall include student name, date, time and course content associated with a course on the student’s schedule. 

Alternatively, one of the following forms of documentation to establish student count, track student enrollment, attendance and participation in online schools shall be accepted:

  1. Documentation (student work samples, assessments, attendance records, or other tangible evidence) that a student participated in an offline activity directly associated with a course on the student’s schedule;
  2. Documentation that the student participated in an online or offline assessment, including assessment results from the benchmark assessment or screener; or
  3. For students receiving special education services, a service log report or other digital or tangible documentation demonstrating that the student has had interaction with a Learning Specialist related to the student’s Individual Education Plan. The documentation shall be sufficient to establish: date(s) of service, student name, Learning Specialist’s name, services provided, and notes regarding progress, treatment and goals. 

In addition to the above, the online school shall have available for inspection an attendance report from the school’s information system showing documented attendance for each student.  The attendance report shall include the student’s name, date, and attendance status for all dates absent/tardy.

Adopted :  September 19, 2014

C.R.S. 22-30.7-105(2)(a)

C.R.S.  22-54-104
1 CCR 301-39
1 CCR 301-71-8.02

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