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Board File: JICC-R-3

Bus Passes

  1. High School and Middle School students must present a Student ID to the Bus Driver upon boarding the school bus.  The Student ID is a picture-ID, issued for the current school year by each High School and Middle School.
  2. A grace period will apply at the beginning of each school year to allow each school time to manufacture the IDs.  A similar grace period will be granted for students entering the school during the school year -- provided the student presents a properly completed Bus Pass to the Route Driver (per Item #5 below) each day for boarding.
  3. Drivers shall check Student IDs each day, both AM and PM, no exceptions.
  4. Students who do not have their IDs will always be allowed to ride from school on their regular route, i.e., the one to which they are assigned by Transportation.  They will, however, be required to sit in the front seats of the bus, as assigned by the driver, for that ride.  Students shall always be allowed to ride from designated bus stops in the morning to school.
  5. Permission to ride a bus other than a student’s regular assigned route bus must be cleared by the School’s Office personnel.   The student must present written permission from their Parent or Guardian to the School Office personnel.  The written permission must be signed and dated by a Parent or Guardian and include their contact phone number.  Once the permission is verified, the School Office personnel will then issue a Bus Pass which the student must present to the Route Driver.  The Bus Pass may be valid for a period of one to five school days but must include an expiration date.
  6. Drivers will be given a student list to verify eligible riders, updated as needed and at least bi-monthly by the Transportation Area Scheduling office.
  7. Drivers should help remind students to bring/show their Student IDs on a consistent basis. The Bus Driver will make a Parent Contact if a student fails to show an ID for five cumulative days.
  8. Students who lose their IDs will be allowed not more than one week to replace it before the Route Driver pursues further disciplinary action.  Item #4 still applies during this period.
  9. Continuing failure of the student to obtain and consistently show their ID following a Parent Contact will warrant a Student Discipline Referral being issued by the Driver. 
  10. Refusal or habitual failure to comply with this policy can result in a student’s bus riding privileges being suspended through the Referral Process.

Revised:  June 3, 2008