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Student activity funds may be raised and spent to promote the general welfare, education, and morale of all students and shall finance authorized activities of student organizations and the School District.

Student activity funds are considered a part of the total fiscal operation of the School District, and therefore are subject to the policies and regulations established by the Board of Education and the office of the superintendent.  The funds shall be managed in accordance with sound business practices, including sound budgetary and accounting procedures as well as audits, in the same manner as regular District funds. Principals shall participate in the preparation, modification, and interpretation of policies, regulations, and procedures that affect student activity funds.

Student activity funds are to be used to finance a program of authorized school activities which may augment but not replace the activities financed by the District. Funds derived from the student body as a whole shall be so expended as to benefit the student body as a whole, and the student body shall be represented in the democratic management of those funds raised by students and expended for their benefit. Funds derived from authorized clubs and organizations shall be expended to benefit the specific club or organization and, insofar as possible, to benefit those students currently in school who have contributed to the accumulation of these funds. 

Activity fund raising shall be conducted in such a manner as to offer minimum competition to commercial concerns while still benefiting the student body as a whole, and shall be consistent with District policy on student activities fundraising.

Authorized clubs and organizations within the schools may use District facilities and equipment for fundraising if such use does not create an additional cost to the District. If additional cost is incurred, the club or organization shall pay such cost.

Current practice codified 1978
Revised: October 15, 2002

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