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Superintendent File: EEAF

School bus services may be used as transportation for student field trips and extracurricular activities, within budgetary limits and subject to regulations established by the superintendent or designee.  Availability of bus transportation will be one criterion for approval or disapproval of field trip requests.

All arrangements for bus transportation shall be made by the director of transportation, in cooperation with the principal of the school involved and other administrators as appropriate.

Student safety should be the first concern in planning transportation for District-sponsored activities or trips, whether or not they involve the use of school-owned vehicles.


A charge may be assessed for each field trip that makes use of District-owned vehicles.  Such charge shall not exceed the actual expense of the trip.

The charge may be assessed against the appropriate budget account of the school, class, or activity shown in the general fund; or it may be assessed to a club, class, or other group and paid for by the treasury or membership thereof.

Current practice codified 1978
Adopted: February 6, 1979
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted by the Superintendent:  September 2, 2003


IJOA, Field Trips and Excursions