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Nearly 300 Douglas County students perform in 2017 Continental League Music Festival

Continental League Music Festival musicians performing in finale

DENVER – The Boettcher Concert Hall has, no doubt, been the host to some great musicians over its 38-year history, as the home of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. On Monday, Continental League students, including nearly 300 from the Douglas County School District, not only took the stage, but they stunned the audience with their artistry.

The music performed by the students chosen for the 2017 Continental League Music Festival was outstanding, earning the group two standing ovations.

The students from DCSD’s nine comprehensive high schools performed alongside their counterparts from Littleton Public Schools and Regis Jesuit High School in the Continental League Honor Band, Choir and Orchestra. Below is a list of the DCSD students chosen for this honor.

The honor band, led by Dr. Donald Kinney, performed “On The Mall,” by Edwin Franko Goldman; “Sheltering Sky,” by John Mackey; “Puszta - Four Gipsy Dances,” by Jan Van der Roost; and “Themes from ‘Green Bushes’ - Passacaglia on an English Folksong,” by Percy Grainger.

The honor choir, led by Dr. Galen Darrough and accompanied by Marsha Prokuski, performed “Awake the Harp,” by F.J. Hayden; “In Remembrance,” by Jeffery Ames; “Seal Lullaby,” by Eric Whitacre; and “What Would You Do if You Married a Soldier,” by Mack Wilberg.

The honor orchestra, led by Alexandra Arreche, performed “Overture to La Gazza Ladra,” by Gioacchino Rossi; “Dance of The Knights - The Montagues and Capulets from Romeo & Juliet,” by Sergei Prokofiev; and “Danzon No. 2,” by Arturo Marquez.

Finally, all three performed a breathtaking rendition of “My Country 'Tis of Thee” as an ensemble finale.

Several times during the program the conductors encouraged the audience to support music education and opportunities like this festival.

“The support of arts education is so crucial. It is a foundation of who I am,” Kinney said. “I was exposed to music education as a student. Coming to these honor bands really changed the trajectory of my life. I believe coming to these festivals as a high school student is why I am doing what I’m doing right now. Please continue to support music education.”

“We have to keep supporting the arts and the music, because you cannot imagine how important it is. I am an example of this,” explained Arrieche, who is originally from Brazil. “The reason why I’m here [in the United States] is because I was looking for something I didn’t have in my country - this was the opportunity to work with classical music. It is a privilege to have this opportunity here, so please don’t let this die. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Additionally, Kinney said that experiences, like the Honor Music Festival, are preparing students for their futures.

“This is everything that I want students to be exposed to: community, working hard, getting a project together in a short amount of time, pushing themselves to the limit and seeing what they can accomplish,” Kinney said. “To hear where they were on Friday and where they are today -- it is a testament to their hard work and dedication. It is inspiring to me and continues to inspire me as a music educator.”

“You should be very, very proud because what they have achieved is incredible,” Kinney added.

Continental League Honor Orchestra is recognized during music fesival2017 Continental League Honor Orchestra

Evan Indge – Douglas County HS
Kaylee Latchaw – Douglas County HS
Mika Smith – Chaparral HS
Tommy Hassler – Legend HS

Devin Lindsey – Rock Canyon HS
Connor Lawrence - Chaparral HS

Matthew Wiest – Mountain Vista HS
Miriam Henderson – Mountain Vista HS
Taylor Barnes – Douglas County HS
Kyle Lewis – Douglas County HS
Segovia Garcia – ThunderRidge HS
Julie Lee – Highlands Ranch HS
Ella Stilwell – Highlands Ranch HS
Spenser Johanson – Ponderosa HS
Madeline Ng – Highlands Ranch HS
Anthony Lorenzo – ThunderRidge HS
Grace Matsey – Mountain Vista HS

Aaron Lou – Highlands Ranch HS

Zack Conner – Chaparral HS

Corrie Hiatt – Highlands Ranch HS
Noah Stevens – Rock Canyon HS
Fionn Cool – Rock Canyon HS

Dortheea Arustei – Douglas County HS
Lauren Wall – ThunderRidge HS

Michael Winter – Chaparral HS
Brent Janda – Castle View HS

Victoria Coffman – Mountain Vista HS

Jackson Trust – Mountain Vista HS

Grayson Goering – Legend HS
Sam Busche – Highlands Ranch HS

Riley Barry – Mountain Vista HS

Violin 1
Jensen Baade [Co 1st] – Mountain Vista HS
Grace Willis [Co 1st] – Douglas County HS
Gage Nolan – Highlands Ranch HS
Carmen Martinez – Rock Canyon HS
JieWei Yu – Highlands Ranch HS
Derek Bauer – Rock Canyon HS
Jordan Yoo –ThunderRidge HS
Kaia Radeff Hickman – Chaparral HS
Karen Yi – Rock Canyon HS
Soobin Parker – Mountain Vista HS
Zoe Oberg – Highlands Ranch HS
Jack Liu – Highlands Ranch HS

Violin 2
Emma Lewarne – Legend HS
Rhea Chan – Chaparral HS
John Andretsos – Highlands Ranch HS
Hibiki Shoda – ThunderRidge HS
Kira Acosta – Legend HS
Tamara Coy – Douglas County HS
Kaitlyn Hval – Highlands Ranch HS
Kaela London – Highlands Ranch HS
Ciauna Tran – ThunderRidge HS
Gregory Barr – Douglas County HS
Chris Cholez – Highlands Ranch HS
Elizabeth Li – Highlands Ranch HS
Emilie Kang – Legend HS
Dale Kim – Rock Canyon HS
Zoe Kirsch – Mountain Vista HS
Andy Kim – Highlands Ranch HS

Trevor Vogel – Highlands Ranch HS
Garrett Figueroa – Rock Canyon HS
Hudson Maness – Ponderosa HS
Tom Levy – Chaparral HS
Eric Reifsteck – Legend HS
Anna Tsuchimoto – Castle View HS
Thomas Natalie – Rock Canyon HS
Cody Osicka – Ponderosa HS
Ally Stiles – Highlands Ranch HS
Brynn Peters – Rock Canyon HS
Will Westfall – Ponderosa HS
Tyler Torpy – ThunderRidge HS

Continental League Honor Band performs during music fesival 2017 Continental League Band

Flute I
Rebecca Albin-Davis – Ponderosa HS
Renee Alderman – Castle View HS
Alyssa Boje – Mountain Vista HS
Grace Landry – Ponderosa HS
Eden Novak – Legend HS
Rachel Huxley – Rock Canyon HS 

Flute II
Lauren Cole – Rock Canyon HS
Ayla Lantz – Castle View HS
Michaela Udlock – Ponderosa HS
Sophia Brunetti – Rock Canyon HS
Jenna Greene – Ponderosa HS
Jenna Nolder – Highlands Ranch HS

Jordan Abell – Chaparral HS
Gabriela Blanchard – Ponderosa HS

Kai Monday – ThunderRidge HS

Bass Clarinet
Chris Andretsos – Highlands Ranch HS
Kaelynn Mae Kenny – Chaparral HS

Clarinet I
Anna Siegel – Chaparral HS
Cody Pimmel – ThunderRidge HS
Kyle Baker – Douglas County HS
Katie St. Gemme-Pate – Legend HS
Victor Valera – ThunderRidge HS
Emily McDonald – Rock Canyon HS

Clarinet II
James Wilson – Highlands Ranch HS
Aislin Stewart – Castle View HS
Lara Mathews – Highlands Ranch HS
Samantha Walker – ThunderRidge HS
Beverly Robinson – Chaparral HS
Stacia McKinney – Castle View HS
Stephanie Schubert – Highlands Ranch HS

Clarinet III
Zach Dole – Castle View HS
Christian Johanson – Ponderosa HS
Zach Campbell – Rock Canyon HS
Sarah Roach – Legend HS
Nick Tocci – Castle View HS
Eric Osicka – Ponderosa HS

Alto Sax I
Shuee Ong – Rock Canyon HS
Taran Whincop – Legend HS
Riley Busch – Rock Canyon HS

Alto Sax II
Qihui Ye – Highlands Ranch HS
Troy Hesse – ThunderRidge HS

Tenor Sax 
Evan Hirsch – Mountain Vista HS
Mark Antaky – Douglas County HS
Heather Linsmon – Rock Canyon HS

Bari Sax
Annabel Rider – Douglas County HS
Jonathan Hunter Ferry – Rock Canyon HS

Trumpet I
Rachel Erickson – ThunderRidge HS
Calysta McKinney – Castle View HS
Ryan Anderson – Legend HS
Will O-Brien – Mountain Vista HS

Trumpet II
Tyler Longfellow – Chaparral HS
Vicky Russo – Highlands Ranch HS
Eric Leon – Chaparral HS
Andrea Riner – Rock Canyon HS

Trumpet III
Jack Roy – Castle View HS
Trevor Price – Mountain Vista HS
Hayden Duncan – Legend HS

Horn I
Matthew Brown – Thunder Ridge HS
Ervin Keeling – Legend HS

Horn II
Emily Goodman – Castle View HS

Horn III
Aaron Sanders – Mountain Vista HS
Madison Jornod – Legend HS

Horn IV
Chris Arellano – Castle View HS

Trombone I
Tyler Barton – Legend HS
James Messenger – Castle View HS

Trombone II
Garin Wilson – Rock Canyon HS
Josh Hoffman – Mountain Vista HS

Trombone III
Casey Villars – Highlands Ranch HS
Thomas Calascione – Chaparral HS

Brian Jackman – Rock Canyon HS
Gannon Rushall – Mountain Vista HS
Jake Fifer – Douglas County HS

Maddie Jones – Legend HS
Brett Newman – Ponderosa HS
Jared Holt – Castle View HS
Joe Hirsbrunner – Douglas County HS
Michael Davis – Douglas County HS

Kenneth Swartout – Highlands Ranch HS
Josh Bullock – Rock Canyon HS
Jarred Premo – Ponderosa HS
Annabelle Peterson – Ponderosa HS
Evan Fiechter – Thunder Ridge HS
Joey McLeran – Mountain Vista HS

Continental League Honor Choir performs during music festival.2017 Continental League Honor Choir

Barbara Chimento – Chaparral HS
Tatiana Gibson – Chaparral HS
Erin Eliingson – Chaparral HS
Bri Larson – Chaparral HS
Kellie Cage – Castle View HS
Sarie DeSoto – Castle View HS
Sierra Hintze – Castle View HS
Macy Hataway – Castle View HS
Selena Aguilar – Douglas County HS
Leah Dowdy – Douglas County HS
Tessa Holt – Douglas County HS
Britta Palmer – Douglas County HS
Veronica Wernsman – Highlands Ranch HS
Adie Smith – Highlands Ranch HS
Anna Nau - Highlands Ranch HS
Madeline Morse – Highlands Ranch HS
Jenna Barrus – Legend HS
Aliza Ilano – Legend HS
Anya Strauss – Mountain Vista HS
Isabel Heiland – Mountain Vista HS
Grace Foster – Mountain Vista HS
Meghan Boe – Mountain Vista HS
Sarah Pope – Ponderosa HS
Desirae Martz – Ponderosa HS
Josie Johnson – Ponderosa HS
Cassidy Pitts – Ponderosa HS
Isabella Dempsey – Rock Canyon HS
Leah Doogan – Rock Canyon HS
Megan Durbin – Rock Canyon HS
Emma Pfortmiller – Rock Canyon HS
Ally Choe – ThunderRidge HS
Christina Sanchez – ThunderRidge HS
Oliva Bulk – ThunderRidge HS
Jenna Isakson - ThunderRidge HS

Kyah Conrad – Chaparral HS
Michelle Diller – Chaparral HS
Morgan Erwin – Chaparral HS
Rose Frederiksen-Kelly – Chaparral HS
Julia Dickson – Castle View HS
Kelby Jakober – Castle View HS
Anna Arnholt – Castle View HS
Brianna Cassidy – Castle View HS
Darcy Brander – Douglas County HS
Isabel Ellertson – Douglas County HS
Brynn Kehn – Douglas County HS
Caitlin Lijewski – Douglas County HS
Sam Howe – Highlands Ranch HS
Caroline Cammelot – Highlands Ranch HS
Alaina Spangenberger – Highlands Ranch HS
Emily Olivier – Highlands Ranch HS
Julia Keller – Legend HS
Lizzy Higgins – Legend HS
Madison Gillette – Legend HS
Aaliyah Shambe – Legend HS
Kylie Conway – Mountain Vista HS
Margaet Fox – Mountain Vista HS
Grace Humphreys – Mountain Vista HS
Samantha Atchison – Mountain Vista HS
Katy Ward – Ponderosa HS
Ellie Shewmaker – Ponderosa HS
Meredith Shepard – Ponderosa HS
Isabela Ortiz – Ponderosa HS
Madison Blakesley – Rock Canyon HS
Emma Herskovits – Rock Canyon HS
Molly Lane – Rock Canyon HS
Maddie Maynor – Rock Canyon HS
Jenna Vigil – ThunderRidge HS
Nikki Deck – ThunderRidge HS
Analysa Morales – ThunderRidge HS
Amber Pettingill – ThunderRidge HS

Jack Griffin – Chaparral HS
Zak Kime – Chaparral HS
Noah Steinheimer – Chaparral HS
Adrian Clark – Chaparral HS
Chancellor Cotham – Castle View HS
Elijah Goff – Castle View HS
Mo Jensen – Castle View HS
Cristian LeVigne – Castle View HS
Jacob Browning – Douglas County HS
Grant Kellogg – Douglas County HS
Gabe Quintana – Douglas County HS
Harrison Stone – Douglas County HS
Aidan McCarty – Highlands Ranch HS
Renzo Ramos – Highlands Ranch HS
Ben Wells – Highlands Ranch HS
Sam Serra – Highlands Ranch HS
Jack Carpenter – Legend HS
Brian Stewart – Legend HS
Michael Mathey – Legend HS
Corey Arndt – Legend HS
Anthony Jacobellis – Mountain Vista HS
Donovan Wilkinson – Mountain Vista HS
Ian Spillman – Mountain Vista HS
Michael Ray – Mountain Vista HS
McKeli Hiller – Ponderosa HS
Trevor Seale – Ponderosa HS
Jack McCoy – Ponderosa HS
Tyler Huntsman – Ponderosa HS
Noah Stahly – Ponderosa HS
Reese Cruz – Rock Canyon HS
Lukas Makikalli – Rock Canyon HS
Zander Robinett – Rock Canyon HS
Seth Spindler – Rock Canyon HS
Zach Bright – ThunderRidge HS
Noah Jenson – ThunderRidge HS
Conner Blackburn – ThunderRidge HS
Josh Vigil – ThunderRidge HS

Tyler Compoz – Chaparral HS
Cade Anderson – Chaparral HS
Will Stanz – Chaparral HS
Taylor Bergeson – Chaparral HS
Aidan Gray – Castle View HS
Michael McGee – Castle View HS
Matt Nickel – Castle View HS
Jordan Zdziarski – Castle View HS
Tyler Chapa – Douglas County HS
Ryan Fredericks – Douglas County HS
Josiah Myers – Douglas County HS
Travis Pyfer – Douglas County HS
Jacob Hansen – Highlands Ranch HS
Ben Bodiker – Highlands Ranch HS
Joey Qualantone – Highlands Ranch HS
Connor Berens – Highlands Ranch HS
Kyler Baxter – Legend HS
Nolan Small – Legend HS
Noah Bergford – Legend HS
Ryan Messmore – Legend HS
Joshua Hardin – Mountain Vista HS
Jeremy Barker – Mountain Vista HS
Alex Smith – Mountain Vista HS
John Paul Krueger – Mountain Vista HS
Daegan Carr – Ponderosa HS
Nick Crowder – Ponderosa HS
Gabriel Rael – Ponderosa HS
Robert Whitlock – Ponderosa HS
Augustus Ballantine – Rock Canyon HS
James McGavin – Rock Canyon HS
Kerst Meibos – Rock Canyon HS
Jack Whitten – Rock Canyon HS
David Murray – ThunderRidge HS
Ben Sprague – ThunderRidge HS
Carter Breaslain – ThunderRidge HS
Jacob Murray – ThunderRidge HS

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