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Middle School Honor Ensemble highlights DCSD’s young musicians

DCSD Middle School Honor Orchestra performs during concert at Castle View

CASTLE ROCK – Students selected from schools across the Douglas County School District performed during the second annual Middle School Honor Band and Honor String Orchestra concerts.

The performances, held at Castle View High School on Saturday, January 21, are not only an excellent showcase of the talent of Douglas County’s middle school students and their teachers, but a chance for these talented young musicians to meet others from across the district and to learn additional skills.

Leading up to the band and orchestra performances, the students participate in an audition selection process and multiple rehearsals. The students are chosen based not only on their musical abilities, but also on their dedication and commitment to music at a higher level in their school community. 

Below is a list of the students selected for this honor.

2017 Middle School Honor Band 
Mr. Mike Perez, Guest Conductor

Paytra Oldenburg – Castle Rock MS
Lauren Bauer – Rocky Heights MS
Emma Edwards – Mesa MS
Kailin McCormack – Ranch View MS
Ellie Millard – Rocky Heights MS
Taylor Phipps – Mesa MS
Alison Iverson – Mesa MS
Emma Crosby – Sierra MS
Madison Weitzel – Ranch View MS
Reagan Keyter – Ranch View MS

Ailey Pittman – Mesa MS
Veronica Tapp – Mesa MS
Anna Meunier – Rocky Heights MS
Nikhila Narayana – Rocky Heights MS
Jonah Jex – Mountain Ridge MS
Will North – Mountain Ridge MS
Katherine Rank – Sagewood MS

Bass Clarinet
Rachael Davidson – Cimarron MS
Hannah Isherwood – Mountain Ridge MS

Charlie LeMieux – Rocky Heights MS

Alto Saxophone
Abby Ulrich – Ranch View MS
Brody Smith – Sagewood MS
Katie Tsuchimoto – Castle Rock MS
Sydney Calla – STEM School & Academy

Tenor Saxophone
Shelby Jornod – Cimarron MS
Delanie Newton – Mesa MS
Cassie Sams – Cimarron MS

Baritone Saxophone
Alex Smith – Mountain Ridge MS

Luke Brouillette – Ranch View MS

French Horn
Haley Nohrden – Sierra MS
Maxwell Ritz – Mountain Ridge MS

Cole Barton – Sagewood MS
Lily DeJong – Mesa MS
Aleza Khan – Mountain Ridge MS
Zoe Danilchick – American Academy
Thomas Meilstrup – Sierra MS
Megan Smith – Rocky Heights MS
Bradley Berutich – Castle Rock MS
Cameron Cooper – Ranch View MS

Gabrielle Rose – Castle Rock MS
Jacob Sheehan – Mountain Ridge MS

Zac Streeter – Mountain Ridge MS
Daphne Fish – Cimarron MS

Kaija Galins – Cimarron MS
Luke Ramsey – Rocky Heights MS

Gregory Brusoe – Mesa MS
Zachary Fox – Mountain Ridge MS
Jamison Kinkle – Mesa MS

2017 Middle School Honor String Orchestra
Ms. Susan Day, Guest Conductor

Emma Spears – Castle Rock MS
Conor De Leeuw – Mountain Ridge MS
Sahn Kim – Cimarron MS
Ava Covney – Castle Rock MS
Julie Andrews – Castle Rock MS
Savannah Anderson – Parker Performing Arts
Megan Coon – Rocky Heights MS
Josh Ruegge – Rocky Heights MS
Rosa Lee – Rocky Heights MS
Ava Nordgren – Cimarron MS
Jules Bauer – Rocky Heights MS
Alex LaMotte – Rocky Heights MS
Sriya Surapaneni – Rocky Heights MS
Grace Bero – Rocky Heights MS
Justin Sheu – Rocky Heights MS
Annalissa Phillips – Mesa MS
Caroline Clouatre – Ranch View MS
Lindsey Busch – Rocky Heights MS
Cassidy Hu – Rocky Heights MS

Elizabeth Lo – Mountain Ridge MS
Saloni Dangre – Mountain Ridge MS
Kylie Olson – Castle Rock MS
Emily Rowe – Rocky Heights MS

Rachael Kim – Rocky Heights MS
Ellison Southwick – Ranch View MS
Autumn Carlson – Castle Rock MS
Joseph Sorensen – STEM School & Academy
Tess Johnson – Mesa MS
Ashley Parker – Rocky Heights MS

Braeden Raschkes – Rocky Heights MS

Susan Day leads rehearsal with Middle School Honors Orchestra
The Honor Band practices under the guidance of guest conductor Mike Perez.
Honor Band rehearses before the big show.
Guest conductor Susan Day leads Honor Orchestra during rehearsal.

PHOTOS: See the students behind-the-scenes during rehearsal

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