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HGTV inspires tiny house fundraiser at Sedalia Elementary

SEDALIA—Sedalia Elementary Principal, George Boser, and some of his staff are big fans of the show Tiny House Hunters on HGTV. One night, while watching the show, inspiration struck.

“We won the Green Flag award last year from Eco-Schools. So then we started talking about what would it look like to do a tiny house and actually sell it as a way to raise money for our school.”

One of the school’s parents, Bob Hoffman, owns a construction company and was really excited to help the school get the project off the ground.

As they began to brainstorm what the house would look like, their idea evolved.

“When the Broncos won the Superbowl, we thought about how could we turn this into something that a Bronco fan could actually take to a Bronco game. And that’s when the idea for the tiny tailgater hit.”

While the final house can be used as either a tiny residence or a tiny tailgater, when complete, it will include a flat screen TV, couch, minibar, full stove, and microwave.

Boser also realized what a great learning opportunity this would be for Sedalia students, as well as a larger community project.

“The kids are researching right now what it would take to put a composting toilet in there, and what would it will take to heat it. The kids are looking at solar right now. That’s how we thought what if we turn this more into a community project and get the kids involved as much as possible.”

The kids are reaching out to the solar companies themselves, and they will make recommendations to their teachers and Boser.

“This ties directly back into our sustainability and earning that Green Flag because we really are thinking about that small footprint.”

If you are interested in providing volunteer assistance or learning more about the tiny house project and fundraiser, please contact Sedalia Elementary at 303-387-5500. You can also download their flyer here.

Sedalia is also accepting donations. To give to Sedalia, click here.



March 10, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Schools

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