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Letter From PTA

Dear NRE Parent Community,
As we wrap up the 2015-16 school year the NRE PTA wanted to keep our parents informed about the money raised this year and what we paid for. PTA works to serve every child within the building in a meaningful way. We provide the staff and students with tools they depend on to expand our children's learning and enrich their school culture. PTA gratefully works in partnership with the NRE community to provide these essential tools. Thank you for your continued support!
Year to date we have raised $55,000.00 
PTA provided NRE in 2015-16:
  • Online Instructional Resource $32,000 (IXL, Reading Plus, Lumos Learning, Math Mates, Wordly Wise, Head Sprout, Pebble Go, etc.)
  • Classroom Supplies $200/teacher $8,600 
  • Specials Budget (Technology/3D printer, Mandarin, Spanish, Music, Library, Health, Art, Gym) $4,200 
  • 6th grade/Kindergarten graduations $500
  • Technology earmark $8,000* (we save each school year for a large technology purchase every 2-3 years, PTA spent $25K in 2014-15 and are budgeting for our next big purchase)
  • Community Events (Muffins with Mom, Grandparents Breakfast, Doughnuts with Dad, Back to School Carnival, Multicultural Night)
We take the task of stretching every dollar earned very seriously. It is our privilege to be entrusted with your hard earned money and we will continue to provide resources that help every student learn, explore and love their school experience. For more details about PTA please visit our website or join us for a PTA meeting next fall!
Thank you and GO PRONGHORNS!
May 12, 2016 | By aharvey | Category: Northridge Elementary School

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