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Message from Mr. Jackowski


July 2017


Dear Mesa Families:


We hope that all of you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer! It is our pleasure to welcome you to the start of the 2017-2018 school year! The summer has been a very busy time for everyone associated with the middle school. We know that all of these things will serve as the ingredients for an exciting and dynamic school year. This year, we celebrate Mesa’s 10-year anniversary. Throughout the year, we will have events around this milestone. We cannot wait to welcome you back to school!


I like to share this message each year:


To our Mesa parents who entrust your children to the faculty and staff of MMS, day in and day out, we pledge our commitment to helping you pursue our common goal: helping your child achieve his/her personal best. To maximize our educational program, it is optimal to maintain trust, respect, and two-way communication. Together, we must work as partners.


Our collective Mesa Middle School commitment to meeting the needs of the young adolescent student ensures that your child is in great hands and will have as positive a school experience as possible. Please understand, as the natural developmental characteristics of the young adolescent suggest, your child will face challenges as he/she grows during the “tween” years. Please remember, disappointments are not disasters. People often grow best through making “human” mistakes and coming up just short on an initial try. While it is our natural instinct as parents and caring adults to want to shelter and deflect children from disappointment, our children’s future successes are often determined by how much “second” effort, perseverance, and resiliency are developed through the formative adolescent years.


Within our educational program we seek to challenge all children to “stretch” themselves to learn and grow, but also provide necessary support and nurturance critical to young adolescent success. We are an extension of you and strive to support you in terms of your goals for your child.


To our young adolescent students, the middle school years are both challenging and energizing. Your teachers, counselors, support staff, and administrators at MMS believe in your potential and are committed to helping you grow, become smarter, and to prepare you for present and future success. We value and will praise you when you exert great effort, take on challenges, and persevere. Working hard to learn new things makes you smarter. It makes your brain grow new connections. Be willing to ask questions and work hard to seek answers. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. Sometimes we learn the most from missteps. Quite simply, it is often how you respond that truly counts. Mesa Middle School is a place where we want to truly help all students develop positively in the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and ethical growth areas. We look forward to a great year ahead!



Please continue reading for important details and logistical information for a successful start to the school year:


The first day of school for students is Thursday, August 10, 2017. This will be a regular day of school – 7:25 AM to 2:45 PM (first period begins at 7:30). Upon arrival to school on August 10, 2016, all 7th and 8th grade students will report to the commons. From there, students will be dismissed to their first period class at the appropriate time. Students should come prepared with a pencil/pen and notebook for their first day of school.

Student schedules became available online on Parent Portal on July 26th. We will continue to make final adjustments to some schedules leading up to the first day of school. If you have difficulty accessing the Parent Portal, please call Jen Kappus at (303) 387-4764.


Students will need to know the room number of their first period class on the first day of school. There will be adults throughout the building with a list of where students should be in case they do not remember the room number of their first period class, and staff will help students get to where they need to be. Students will receive a copy of their schedules in first period.

For the first week of school, students should bring the following supplies to their first period teacher (LINK to Supply List).



Bus route and general transportation information can be found on the district website at: (https://www.dcsdk12.org/transportation/find-your-bus-route).

 If your child walks to school, please remind them to cross streets at designated crosswalks.


 If you drop your child off, please pay attention to the directions of the campus security officer and staff members to ensure a safe and efficient drop-off.


Student Code of Conduct

You may view the Student Code of Conduct located on our Mesa website.


School Calendar

The Mesa Middle School calendar is available on our website. The calendar is updated as needed. Should you require a hard copy of this year's calendar, please contact Mrs. Stahl at 303-387-4754, and she will send home a copy with your child.


School Lunch

The price for the regular student lunch this year is $3.10. The price for breakfast is $2.10. Additional information regarding the lunch program can be found on the Mesa website under Mesa Lunch on the right side of the page.


Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Applications can be found for Free and Reduced Lunch on this LINK. Hard copies of the application are available from the bookkeeper, Mrs. Gross.


Back to School Night – Parents, please mark your calendars!

7th and 8th grade: Thursday, August 17th (3:15 - 4:50 or 5:15 - 6:50)

There are two sessions available for parents/guardians. This information will be communicated to parents/guardians as we approach Back to School Night.



The Parent Teacher Organization invites and encourages all parents to be an active part of our school family. The PTO will be reaching out to families to encourage membership and involvement. The PTO will put out information regarding meeting dates and times.


Sports Information

For information regarding 7th & 8th grade interscholastic sports please go to the Mesa website under Athletics. Remember: physicals need to be completed prior to participation in sports.


Counseling Services

Our services are available to all students and parents. These services are to support and guide all students so they can get the most out of their middle school experience. Students may make an appointment to meet with their counselors by stopping by the Counseling Office and obtaining a pass. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s counselor to discuss any concerns or questions that they may have.


Student Attendance

Regular and punctual patterns of attendance are important to student success in school and are expected. Students are expected to be in attendance every day school is in session as required by law and board policy. If a student is absent, their parent/guardian must notify the school of the absence. If a parent/guardian is unable to call in, the student must bring a note to the attendance office the day they return to school. If a note or phone call is not received the absence will be considered unexcused. An accumulation of excused and/or unexcused absences will result in compulsory attendance action. You can call the school attendance line at 303-387-4752, to report your child’s absence each day. You will be able to leave a message on the attendance line.


Administration responsibilities for each grade level are as follows:

Mr. Pritts – 7th grade

Ms. Muir – 8th grade


SAC WHAT IS S.A.C.??? School Accountability Committee/School Advisory Committee

Created by state statute in the 1970’s, these committees are comprised of parents, teachers, administrators,

students, and community members. The focus of this committee is to inform, encourage, and provide

opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes. You can find out more about the SAC at this LINK.



Strong home-school communication is essential for the success of our students and school. Two news mechanisms that we recently implemented are Twitter and Instagram. Please take a moment to follow us @Mesa_middle (for Twitter) and mesa_middle_school_colorado (for Instagram). In addition, we have Mesa App that can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Drive, simply type in Mesa Middle School to download the free App. Also, we will look to communicate with families via School Messenger – a voicemail system where you will be provided with a message from the school. Lastly, we communicate through a monthly Mesa Newsletter and daily announcements that are emailed home and available on our website. We will be using telephone numbers from Infinite Campus, so please make sure this information is up to date so that you are able to receive important messages from Mesa regarding school matters, events, and happenings at the middle school.

Again, the first day of school for students is Monday, August 10, 2017. This will be a regular day of school – 7:25 AM to 2:45 PM (first period begins at 7:30). Student schedules will be available online on Student/Parent Portal beginning July 26th. We will continue to make final adjustments to some schedules leading up to the first day of school. If you have difficulty accessing the Parent Portal, please call the counseling office at (303) 387-4764. Infinite Campus and Parent Portal an important and valuable resources that we hope you and your child will utilize throughout the school year. The Student/Parent Portal will allow you to monitor information related to attendance, discipline, and grades. While parents will likely find this information helpful, we also urge our students to regularly monitor their own academic progress by looking at their grades on Student/Parent Portal. This is one way that students can begin to accept responsibility for their own work and learning – an important milestone and skill for middle school students.

In closing, please know that the main goal of every staff member of Mesa Middle School is to ensure that each student is provided the opportunity for a positive, productive, and safe school experience. This is our commitment to you. Please enjoy the remaining days of the summer vacation, and we look forward with much excitement and anticipation to the first day of school and to another outstanding school year!



Very truly yours,



Anthony J. Jackowski                                            Shawn Muir                                              Kurt Pritts

Principal                                                               Assistant Principal                                     Assistant Principal




***Express Check-In***

Opens July 26th and closes August 7th. Express Check-In allows you to register your child and pay their fees online. You can access Express Check-In through Mesa’s website or on this LINK.


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