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CRE Students Engage in Battle...

CRE 3rd-6th graders have engaged in the Battle...of the Books, that is! 

This fall and winter, CRE students have joined the Douglas County Libraries in their annual Battle of the Books event. The program runs at Highlands Ranch, Parker and Philip S Miller (Castle Rock) libraries for 3rd-6th graders.  Each school that participates has a 3/4 grade team and a 5/6 grade team.  The students read 10 books from a set list based on their grade level and become an "expert" on 2-3 of those books. They are the go-to person for their expert books. The teams compete against each other in interschool battles and then a bracket style tournament of 8 teams to determine the winner for the branch.

After the the final branch battles, the winning teams move onto a district battle to determine the winners for all of Douglas County.

It is FREE to participate and is open to CRE students in grades 3-6. The teams practice on Thursday mornings at 7:45am in the CRE library. Participants receive a Battle of the Books t-shirt to be worn during weekly battles. The battle schedule will be released shortly, but typically take place on weekday evenings beginning in January. 

Questions, comments or want to join? Email this years coaches: Ms. Pfeifer and Mrs. Greene

Learn more about the Battle of the Books by visiting the Douglas County Libraries website. While there, visitors may view the required reading book list and check out the current standings, schedule, and more. Simply use the menu on the left hand side of the DC Libraries website to navigate through the Castle Rock area Battle of the Books information! 

Battle Calendar:

Monday, January 29 @ Philip S Miller Library: 7pm - 3/4 team, 7:30pm - 5/6 team -- SCORE: 3/4 Team: WIN 5/6 Team: LOSS

Monday, February 5 @ Philip S Miller Library: 5pm - 3/4 team, 5:30pm - 5/6 team -- SCORE: 3/4 Team: LOSS 5/6 Team: WIN

Monday, February 12 @ Philip S Miller Library: 6pm - 3/4 team, 6:30pm - 5/6 team

Tuesday, February 20 @ Philip S Miller Library: 7pm - 3/4 team, 7:30pm - 5/6 team

Quarter Finals will take place on Monday February 26 (3/4 teams) and Tuesday, February 27 (5/6 teams). Participation in Quarter Finals is based on the seasons win/loss standings. 

Semi Finals will take place on Monday, March 5 (all grades.)

Branch Finals will take place on Tuesday, March 6 (all grades.)

District Battle will take place on Wednesday, March 14 at the Parker Arts Cultural and Events Center (PACE)

2018 5th/6th Grade Team

2018 3rd/4th Grade Team



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