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Chicken Cam!

This fall, our 3rd graders are focusing on the life cycles of various organisms. They have brought a variety of organisms right into their classrooms to observe the changes throughout the different states of their life cycles. One of the most exciting organisms is chicken eggs that they will have the opportunity to watch hatch into chicks! 3rd grade teachers Mr. Mundt and Ms. Zelem partnered with the Douglas County 4H program to bring in eggs and an incubator. The students are able to watch as changes occur in the eggs and as the chicks hatch. 

In addition to the eggs, students will also be able to observe organisms through Eco-Columns made out of 2-liter bottles. 

Once they are done with their organisms, they plan to release many of them into the CRE Habitat. Some of the organisms are not suitable for release into the habitat, so they will provide a safe, alternative release for those organisms. Students will be reading, researching, and learning about the life cycles of different organisms in order to determine whether or not the habitat is a suitable environment for the organism to survive. 

Please follow along on the egg journey by watching our Chicken Cam

November 1, 2016 | By mgreene1 | Category: Castle Rock Elementary School

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