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Buck for Bats - Bat Condo Constructed in CRE Habitat


March 2017

The newest addition to the CRE school habitat has been erected - a bat condo. Located on a 16ft post near the pond, the bat condo will soon become home to bats already native to the area. 

The condo is made from a material similar to Trex; it is weather resistant and has several "apartments" arranged inside. Scratchings were made on the inside by the manufacturers so that the bats can hang more easily. The condo is 18" wide and 27" tall. 

Plan some time this spring to take a walk through our habitat and enjoy the budding plants and our newest bat friends!


February 2017 

CRE has a wide range of educational opportunties available to our students through the Project Based Learning (PBL) platform. In addition to PBL, CRE is home to a backyard habitat complete with native trees and plants, a pond, and all of the creatures that call the habitat home. We also frequently see visitors to our habitat - deer, racoons, an occasional bear, and most recently, a coyote! 

The balance of life within the habitat has taken an interesting turn in the recent months. The mosquito population is a bit out of control, and the native creatures are dwindling due to natural habitat loss. In an effort to restore balance and provide additional educational opportunites for our students, CRE is adding bats to the habitat! The addition of bats will help enhance the habitat experience by: 

-Increasing the bat population. Bat populations have been on the decline recent years due to habitat loss.

-Bat condos serve as a safe roosting spot for bats.
-Bats are needed for controlling the population of insects, specifically mosquitos that breed in our pond.

We encourage our students to take ownership of the habitat and all of the living things within it. On Friday, February 24, CRE will be hosting Buck for Bats day. Students may purchase 2 bags of popcorn for $1 and all of the proceeds will go towards purchasing bat condos for our habitat. If each student in the school purchases $1 worth of popcorn, we will be fully funded for our Bat Condos! 

Check out the Buck for Bats flyer!




February 15, 2017 | By mgreene1 | Category: Castle Rock Elementary School

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