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The Board of Education shall authorize the Superintendent or designee to act as the authorized agent in the disposition of school district property. The Superintendent or designee shall determine whether District property is obsolete, surplus, and/or of no further value to the School District.  The repurpose of surplus property within the District shall be attempted wherever practical.

Real property (land and buildings) shall be sold only upon the approval of the Board of Education.

Real Property

Upon determination that real property may not be needed within the foreseeable future for any purpose authorized by law, it may be declared to be surplus.

The disposal of any real property shall be subject to the following guidelines:

  1. The determination that real property is surplus shall be made by the Board of Education. Surplus real property shall be sold or conveyed by the Board of Education upon such terms and conditions as it may approve.
  2. The Board shall order an appraisal or shall otherwise determine the reasonable value of the property prior to sale.
  3. As a general rule, all sales should be by sealed bid or public auction. If, in the judgment of the Board of Education, the best interests of the District are served by waiving the competitive bidding requirement, the Board may authorize the sale or other disposition of surplus property upon such terms and conditions.

The Superintendent is authorized to issue administrative regulations to implement this policy.


Current practice codified 1978
Revised:  January 16, 1990
Revised:  December 3, 2002
Revised:  July 15, 2014

C.R.S. 22-32-110 (1) (e)
C.R.S. 24-18-202