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Superintendent File: EBCE-R

School closings, delayed starting time, or early dismissal because of severe weather or other emergencies will be announced over radio station KOA 850 and such other stations as may be agreed to by the administration. In the morning, such announcements are usually made between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m., and periodically thereafter until 9:00 a.m. Unless such announcement is made, schools are in session.

Should school be dismissed early because of bad weather, such announcements will also be made over radio station KOA.

Those families where both parents are away from home during the school day should make arrangements for their children to stay with a friend or neighbor in case school is dismissed early, and should make sure their children know where they are to stay. Reasonable efforts will be made by the school to make sure that each child is safe; however, parents cannot be notified individually of early dismissals.

Principals will advise students and parents to listen to radio station KOA 850 for official announcements about school cancellations. Calls to radio stations or school officials will tie up phone lines, and may delay announcements.


Current practice codified 1978
Issued: date of manual adoption
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted by the Superintendent: September 2, 2003