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Sand Creek student invents award-winning investing app

Submitted by teacher Marcie Stacy

HIGHLANDS RANCH– There isn’t an app for that, which is exactly why one 11-year-old just became a state winner of the SIFMA Foundation’s Fall 2015 InvestWrite competition. 

Ava Price, a sixth grader at Sand Creek Elementary, won first place in Colorado in the middle school division of InvestWrite. The program challenges students to consider an investing scenario and make recommendations that incorporate short- and long-term goals.

She won against 3,000 other students in grades six through eight.

“Ava’s innovative ideas for an investing App earned her the SIFMA Foundation’s ‘InvestWrite Genius’ title this year,” said Melanie Mortimer, President of the SIFMA Foundation. “We commend Ava and her teacher, Marcie Stacy, for this achievement. Helping students better understand our economy, our markets, the role of investors and how to make good investments will pay dividends for the students, their education, and the Colorado economy.” 

InvestWrite serves as a culminating activity for 600,000 fourth-twelfth graders nationwide who compete each year in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game™, an online simulation of the global capital markets that reinforces STEM learning, 21st Century skills, economics, investing and personal finance. Since InvestWrite’s inception in 2004, more than 185,000 students have submitted essays. Ava Price is among 20,000 students this school year taking the InvestWrite challenge, which bridges classroom learning in mathematics, social studies, and language arts with the practical research and knowledge required for long-term personal financial planning. 

In her essay, Price was challenged to invent a new app that could serve as a long-term investment tool. She was asked to discuss the features of the app and how the app would be helpful to people when making important decisions for their financial future.

“The first feature the app would have is popular/trending stocks,” Price said in her essay. “This would be important because then you could track the stock and you might be able to buy that stock when the price goes down. Also, you could see the top user of the week and whose stocks have done the best. Along with that there would be a suggestions tab that would show you stocks similar to what you have bought into in the past. These would be important because then the person could also get an idea of what is a good thing to buy that is similar to what they bought into in the past.”

InvestWrite enables students like Price to develop the personal financial savvy needed to make practical financial decisions with confidence and gain a deeper understanding of economic opportunities, consequences, and benefits. Students consider real-world events and news, conduct research online, and develop investment recommendations. They work in groups during the Stock Market Game program and then write their InvestWrite essays individually to reflect their critical thinking, analysis and creative talents. 

Price enjoys school, participates in gymnastics and likes to analyze electronics. Her teacher, Marcie Stacy, a 30-year veteran who teaches math and social studies, is a strong advocate of financial education.

“InvestWrite is a great tool for all of our young writers,” Stacy said. “They can use their financial literacy knowledge to explain what they know and learn throughout the year. InvestWrite has great topics that engage my students.” 

The winning InvestWrite essays are chosen through rigorous judging by thousands of teachers and industry professionals who evaluate students’ understanding of long-term investing, diversification, the capital markets, and factors that drive investments as well as their expression of investment ideas in essay form.

An independent study by Learning Point Associates found that students who participated in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game scored significantly higher on mathematics and financial literacy tests than their peers who did not participate. They also found that teachers who taught The Stock Market Game reported that the program motivated them to better plan for their own financial futures. The Stock Market Game has been named the only program that successfully increased scores on the Jumpstart Coalition’s test of high school students’ financial literacy. 

May 5, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Elementary Education

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