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Ready for the Snow?

With fall right around the corner, we know that snow isn’t far away. We encourage parents to take this opportunity to choose one or more emergency communication avenue(s) to ensure they’ll be notified in the event of a delay or closure.

When a snowstorm is approaching
In Douglas County, we have a "snow team" that is dedicated to monitoring incoming storms, accessing whether a closure or delay is warranted and then communicating that information to our stakeholders and the public.

Beginning early in the morning we have several staff members, including experienced bus drivers, relay the conditions they see across the county and at our schools. If conditions are extremely treacherous or the forecast indicates that they may become too dangerous the team makes a recommendation for a closure or delay to the Superintendent, who makes the final decision.

In addition to safety, we also have a responsibility to balance the impact that our decisions have on families and our work -- educating students.

Douglas County School District may close or delay the entire District as a group or by regional area, depending on the conditions.

A closure or delay will be announced via the following avenues:

  • DCSD Website (Alerts available on front page and school closure status page)
  • School Messenger (In most cases, only email and text message)
  • DCSD Mobile App (Alert available via push notification & apps front page)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Emergency Communication Avenues

More information about the closure/delay protocols, as well as updates on school status are available at:

Questions about School Messenger? We have prepared an FAQ section to answer parent questions about our new messaging system (used to send email, text and voice messages). Check it out at

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