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Superintendent File: DJ-R

Relations with Other Departments

The Purchasing Department is responsible for cooperating closely with all other departments in obtaining goods and services which will best meet the District’s needs at the most advantageous time. This will be done by wise and timely buying, by making known new and improved goods and services, and by working toward the standardization of the goods and services required.

The Purchasing Department will keep abreast of changing market conditions and inform District administrators so that the District’s present and future purchasing position will be protected.

Purchase Commitments

Only authorized representatives of the Purchasing Department will issue a purchase order number, obligate the District for purchase of goods and services, and revise or cancel a purchase order.

No purchase will be made without the proper requisitions and authorized signatures. Exception to this procedure will be made only in an extreme emergency. No “confirming” or “after-the-fact” purchase authorizations will be allowed. This shall in no way conflict with the District’s policy on petty cash.  Employees are forbidden to make purchases or order services in the name of the District without prior authorization. The person who makes the purchase without following the District’s purchasing procedures shall be responsible for payment.

Conflict of Interest

No employee or close friend or family member of a District employee shall be allowed to sell to the District or to a minor or the parent or guardian of any such minor enrolled in the District where the employee is performing services, goods, materials, or services of any kind other than that for which (s)he is employed by the District except by specific prior Board approval.

No firm or business in which a District employee or close friend or family member of a District employee is an officer or holds substantial interest shall be allowed to sell goods, materials, or services to the District without specific prior Board approval. Any request for Board approval must also be in compliance with Policy GBEA, Staff Conflicts of Interest, and its supporting regulation.

District employees shall not accept gratuities such as gifts, entertainment, or special services from any vendor or sales representative, whether for personal or District benefit. No District employee shall solicit gifts from vendors or sales representatives for personal use.

Purchases for Employees

The purchasing power of the District shall not be used to obtain goods or services for the private use of any employee.

Proprietary/Sole Source Purchases

When a proprietary/sole source item is requested and “no substitutes” indicated, the purchase request and a statement justifying the restriction must be submitted to the Purchasing Department for evaluation, approval, or disapproval.  If the request is disapproved, the Purchasing Department will advise the originating department or employee of the reasons for disapproval.


Adopted: February 6, 1976
Revised: November 1, 1994
Repealed by the Board and revised and re-enacted by the Superintendent: December 3, 2002
Revised: January 23, 2006

C.R.S. 22-63-204
C.R.S. 24-18-105

DJ, District Purchasing
GBEA, Staff Conflicts of Interest and Ethics