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Superintendent File: KFAA

Douglas County School District welcomes students, parents and the public to visit and use school grounds and facilities when such visitation or use does not interfere with educational, co-curricular  or extracurricular use.  Persons using or upon School District property for any purpose shall not engage in:

1.   Any conduct that obstructs, disrupts or interferes with or threatens to obstruct, disrupt of interfere with teaching, research, service, administrative or disciplinary functions, or any activity sponsored or approved by the School District.

2.   Coarse and obviously offensive utterances, gestures or displays and the utterance, gesture or display tends to incite an immediate breach of peace, or engage in activities that make unreasonable noise which disrupts the educational process.

3.   Public demonstrations and leafleting by any person in the school building or on school property during the school day without the permission of the building administrator.  The school day shall include the 30 minutes before school as students are arriving and 30 minutes after dismissal while students are leaving the school, or during any school-sponsored activity.  Participants in such demonstrations without permission shall be asked to leave the school property.

4.   Physical abuse of or threats of harm to any person on School District owned or controlled property, or at School District sponsored or supervised functions.

5.   Damage to property of the School District, or engaging in activity that may cause damage to property of the School District.

6.   Entering or remaining on school property during hours of closure without authorization. Hours of closure are 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., unless otherwise posted. Use of playgrounds, fields, tracks or recreational equipment during the school day or within 30 minutes prior to the start of school or 30 minutes after the dismissal of school without authorization of the principal or designee.

7.   Unauthorized entry of school or District facilities and/or grounds, including failure to follow visitor check-in procedures, or unauthorized use of facilities or grounds in violation of Administrative Policy KF Community Use of School Facilities and KF­R-1 Community Use of School Facilities Administrative Procedures and Regulations.

8.   Unlawful use, possession, distribution or sale of illegal drugs and other controlled or other illegal substances on School District property, at school sponsored functions, on any School District bus transporting students.

9.   Consumption of, being under the influence of, or impaired by alcohol or illicit drugs while in or on a District property or premises, or while attending any District sponsored event or activity.

10.    Any use of tobacco products.

11.    Violation of parking requirements, restrictions or regulations.

12.  Operation or use of motorized vehicles on any location other than designated parking lots or roadways, except as specifically authorized by the superintendent, principal, chief security officer, or designee.  Operation or use of unlicensed motorized vehicles on any School District property except as specifically authorized by the superintendent, principal, chief security officer, or designee.

13.    Bringing animals onto school property with the exception of guide or assistance dogs, or except as specifically authorized by the building principal or other school official.

14.   Open or concealed possession of a dangerous or deadly weapon, as defined in state law, on school property or in school buildings or vehicles unless the person falls within one of the exceptions below:

a.    He/she is a peace officer certified in the state of Colorado.

b.   He/she is carrying out duties for the School District which require the possession of a deadly weapon as specifically authorized by the Superintendent or designee.

c.   He/she is participating in an authorized extracurricular activity or team involving the use of firearms, as approved by the School District.

d.   He/she has possession of the weapon for use in an approved educational program which includes, but is not limited to, any course designed for the repair and maintenance of weapons, as approved by the School District.

e.   He/she is presenting an authorized public demonstration for the school or an organized class, as approved by the School District.

15.         Any conduct constituting a violation of any federal or state law, local ordinance or duly adopted policy and/or regulation of the District.

Any person considered by the Superintendent or his designee to be in violation of this policy shall be denied entry or instructed to leave the property or event of the School District. In addition, persons in violation of this policy may be subject to criminal or civil penalties.

Adopted:         October 22, 2007
Revised:          May 22, 2014


C.R.S. 18-1-901
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C.R.S. 18-9-108 through 110
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C.R.S. 24-15-103.5

GBEB – Staff Conduct
GBEC - Drug-Free Workplace
JICH - Student Involvement Regarding Drugs and Alcohol
JICI - Weapons in School
KI - Visitors to Schools
ADC - Tobacco Free Schools