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Literacy training is expanding this year thanks to feedback from teachers and staff

Surveys collected by Douglas County School District’s (DCSD) Professional Development (PD) team last year demonstrated that teachers and staff in the District wanted to have more opportunities for literacy training. In response, PD has been working hard since the summer to expand research-based literacy training classes and resources.

So far, the feedback PD is receiving on the expanded opportunities has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Teachers who have engaged in literacy training opportunities have shown excitement about and expressed appreciation for targeted literacy support,” said PD Coordinator Jill Casas. “They have also commented positively about the focus on literacy while staying true to the natural integration of content with other work being done across content and curriculum.”

Principals, PLS and Building Representatives who have been attending monthly literacy trainings have also responded positively.

“Many are using the framework used in the training to implement literacy professional development for teachers in their schools,” Casas said.

Additionally, PD staff have been assisting building leaders with personalizing literacy professional development for their schools.

Jan Keese, a national literacy consultant who has been partnering with the Professional Development team to lead ongoing literacy training for Administrators, PLS, and Building Representatives, says that the response and growth so far has been tremendous.

“There is a big difference between knowing what best practice is and implementing it with fidelity. I have found the teachers very receptive to learning and implementing what is best practice for DCSD students,” Keese said.

As an added resource for teachers, PLS trainings with Keese are being recorded for later use by teachers. She has also been paired with four elementary schools to create a literacy partnership in which she models guided reading as a component of Balanced Literacy.

Below are upcoming literacy training opportunities for teachers:

· October 26 and November 2 & 30 - Literacy: Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary at the Elementary Level

· November 9 - Literacy: An Introduction to Vocabulary Instruction at the Elementary Level: Choosing Tier Two Words

· November 16 - Literacy: The Components of Reading: Overview

In addition to the above classes, PD will also be offering two LiveStream sessions during the PLC Day on November 8th as well as a face-to-face afternoon session. The LiveStream sessions will be An Overview of the Components of Reading, while the afternoon face-to-face session will be Literacy: Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary in the Elementary Level.

October 24, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Professional Development

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