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  • Prioritize for Safety

    District-wide internal audits are ongoing and are used to identify, prioritize, and estimate costs for facility capital needs.

  • Design for 21st Century Learning

    The department provides design and construction services for our new and remodeled schools.

  • Build to Educate

    The department has Project Managers and an accountant who contract with and manage pre-qualified architects, engineers, consultants and contractors performing construction projects. 

  • Plan for Growth

    Residential development is monitored to ensure the District receives dedicated school sites, or cash-in-lieu of land, and capital mitigation fees to help offset the cost of school construction.

Department Contact

Planning and Construction

Richard D. Cosgrove, P.E. 
Director of Planning & Construction

Staff Directory

Construction: 2808 Highway 85, Bldg B
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303-387-0479

Planning: 620 Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-387-0018

Construction workers working on the structure of a building

Planning for Future Educational and Facility Needs is Ongoing

The Planning and Construction Department aligns with the District Strategic Plan by being innovative, efficient, and accurate in our new development reviews, enrollment projections, facility capital needs, and design and construction processes.

Safety First
We are committed to provide a safe physical environment for new and remodeled facilities that are conducive to learning.

Student Focused
We engage the community, parents, students, and staff of Douglas County School District as partners by supporting the Long Range Planning Committee, whose goals include analyzing enrollment capacity, identifying boundary options, and prioritizing school site selection as required by the Master Capital Plan.

Committed to Excellence
We have consistently met the expectation of our stakeholders with the opening of each new school and facility upgrade, and look forward to continuing the success in the future.

Smart Planning Begins with Projection of Growth

Student enrollment is projected annually in order to plan for school calendars, mobile classrooms and new schools.  The Long Range Planning Committee continually analyzes community population changes and evalutates population impacts on schools.  The committee also informs the Board of Education regarding school attendance boundaries, facility usage, dedicated school site land inventory, and anticipated capital requirements.  Every year the committee presents these findings in the five-year Master Capital Plan to the Board of Education.

Accommodating New Residential Development

When determining the impact of residential development, Douglas County School District evaluates how many students are expected from any given development based on density. Once the student generation is calculated, it is then determined how much land would be required to build a school as well as capital funds to construct a school.

Often times, a development will generate acreage, but not enough for an entire school site. In these cases, the District may choose to accept a smaller site. These smaller sites would help mitigate the growing needs for support service space as the District grows, such as support facilities or administrative buildings, Early Childhood Centers, or special needs and alternative facilities. The District may also collect cash-in-lieu of land, or a combination of both. Collecting cash-in-lieu for smaller dedications allows the District to consolidate cash-in-lieu funds and use this money to purchase school sites to address growth in enrollment.


Capital Projects
Facility capital needs are identified based on a District-wide internal audit.  These audits are ongoing and are used to identify, prioritize, and estimate costs for facility capital needs.  The audits focus on factors including life safety and health, code compliance, system and component life expectancy, educational suitability, sustainability, and District growth.  The audits are used to maintain the Capital Improvement Plan, which is the basis for the Master Capital Plan.

Consultant and Contractor Information
Douglas County School District pre-qualifies architects, consultants and contractors for most bond projects.  The District's Construction Department does not maintain a bid list. Request for qualifications, listing all required documentation and mandatory meetings, is advertised on Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing prior to each project's bid date. Actual Request for Qualifications (RFQ) may change; please refer to advertisements on Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing for project information.

Approved Lists
Below are approved Architects, Contractors and Consultants for potential DCSD Capital Improvement Projects per the Request for Qualifications published in November, 2011, October, 2012 and July, 2015.  Approved Architects, Contractors and Consultants will be contacted once projects become available.

Consultant - Roof
Consultant - Civil Engineer
Consultant - Traffic Engineer
Subcontractors - Electrical/Mechanical/Landscape/Roofing
General Contractors





DCSD High School Feeders & Schools
DCSD Dedicated School Sites


21st Century learning strategies are innovative and dynamic, and often require building modifications and transformation to meet rapidly-evolving instructional needs and ensure student success.

Simultaneously, strict adherence to Fire and Building codes as well as other standards are important to ensure the safety and comfort of our students and staff.
Our Building Modifications Division specializes in tailoring projects to meet changing instructional needs, while ensuring compliance with important Safety and Fire codes.  We assemble a professional team for requested improvements who can apply extensive knowledge of construction, codes and engineering, and helps plan and execute projects that enhance learning and success.
What you can expect:

  • Professional guidance and consultation with planning, designing and implementing projects to modify or alter learning spaces to meet 21st Century instructional needs.
  • Knowledge and expertise in engineering requirements, Building codes, Permit processes and project management.
  • Scheduling of projects to minimize or eliminate interference with the educational process and ensure the comfort level of children, faculty and staff.

A Building Modification is defined as the addition or alteration of any asset, equipment, furnishings or systems from its original construction design.  This includes changing a rooms use, "re-purposing."

Contact Information

Jesse Downey
Project Manager