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Pioneer Elementary students learn financial literacy through Market Day

Market Day at Pioneer Elementary

PARKER – Students at Pioneer Elementary had an authentic learning experience of financial literacy by creating their own Market Day that would benefit their playground.

“First we found out that the play equipment on the playground was not really accessible for our younger kids…so our principal is looking for equipment that is accessible for all kids. With that task, we decided we wanted to make some things to sell to raise money,” said Pioneer Elementary Teacher Kristin Kinner.

The students created a variety of products…art cards, bouncy balls, ‘Kozy Kritters’, customized bottle caps and much more. Most of the products sold from $.50 to $1 and the students relished the idea of being able to purchase their own products while learning the valuable lessons of financial literacy and contributing to their school.

“So we were learning about the system of money and in first grade it’s mostly based on wants and needs, but we took it a step further so they could learn how to save for short term goals and long term goals,” added Kinner

“It’s really fun, it’s kind of like owning a business, selling stuff,” exclaimed Pioneer Elementary Student Molly Larson.

“She taught us how much stuff costs. If someone gave you $1 and it costs 25 cents you would have to give them 75 cents back,” added Pioneer Elementary Student Nolan McCann.

In an effort to implement and enhance Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) across the Douglas County School District, Great West Financial awarded DCSD a $200,000 grant in 2014.

Through the grant, teachers design lessons to provide sustainable learning that stretches across content areas and incorporates 21st Century Skills. This curriculum will engage students in relevant educational practices that apply differentiated, experiential learning. The World Class Education department worked with teachers to implement the experience.

April 7, 2015 | By SCPaulsen | Category: District, Elementary Education

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