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On the Run with “Gump” at Trailblazer Elementary School

HIGHLANDS RANCH - "In life, if you get an opportunity to make a difference and you find a way of doing it, you're going to be passionate about it."

So says the “real” Forrest Gump - JimGump - a man on a mission with a focus on sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity, one school at a time:

- 20,000 miles
- 1,172 days
- millions of children


Gump brought his inspirational message to Trailblazer Elementary School recently. Then he got students, staff and even Principal Deanne Kirby moving!

Gump’s mission is an epic challenge to reach, engage and inspire a generation.

So who is Gump? Well, his real name is Jim Plunkett-Cole and he is emulating Forrest Gump’s epic run, translating fiction to reality. He is engaging with millions of children along the way, inspiring them into daily activity and healthy lifestyles.

He is now on the brink of launching a new program to reach as many children as possible. It’s called “Kidsx365” and encourages children to be active every day with a series of fun goals.

“It’s taken me 40-50 school visits... to get the experience to pull that program together,” says Cole. “You can’t suddenly come up with something like that. It’s nearly five years of a journey for me to get here.”

Cole hopes to get kids moving in a fun way: collecting sightings of various animals in their natural habitat, designing their own race numbers or reaching milestones such as one week / one month / six months of not missing a day of activity.

Read more about Gump’s mission

Learn more about Kidsx365

March 15, 2017 | By CSilberman | Category: Elementary Education, Schools

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