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Fruits & Veggies Challenge winners announced

Legacy Point students with Chef Jason

DOUGLAS COUNTY - Nutrition Services Chef Jason Morse, CEC, the Nutrition Service Team and Legacy Point Elementary students, announced Legacy Point (Parker) Elementary School’s victory over runners-up schools Cherry Valley (Franktown) and Sedalia in the district-wide Second Annual Put-Away-5-A-Day Fruits & Veggies Challenge.

“Students throughout Douglas County are to be commended for consuming a very healthy amount of fruits and veggies over the course of the friendly competition and hopefully beyond,” said Nutrition Services Director Brent Craig.

Brainchild of Morse and Craig, the competition was created to encourage students to enjoy offerings from the district-wide Harvest Bars available in all participating elementary school cafeterias.

As is tradition, Nutrition Services will treat the entire Legacy Point student body and staff to an all-expenses paid gourmet catered luncheon this month.

“We put our heart and soul into this competition,” said Morse. “The rewards we offer to an entire student body and to individual students are significant because we believe getting kids to try and enjoy produce is significant.”

The gourmet catered luncheon menu includes: Chef Jason’s Winter Vegetable Chopped Greens Salad with Maple Apple Vinaigrette, Red Bird Farms Chicken Tenders, Korean Kalbi Style, Tri Color Quinoa & Roasted Veggie Pilaf, World’s Best-EVER Brussels Sprouts, Fresh Bread, Chobani Greek Yogurt Pops with Blueberry Compote and our famous Lemon & Cranberry Infused Water.

“I’m really confident that we’ll make Brussels Sprouts Believers out of a good number of kids once they smell the food cooking,” said Morse.

Nutrition Services also hosted individual student contests including the Put-Away-5-A-Day Pledge Drawing and the Put-Away-5-4-LIFE game.

“First-grader Gavin Blackburn of Rock Ridge Elementary won the Put-Away-5-A-Day Pledge Drawing. We’ll be sending him a $100 School Lunch Certificate,” said Craig.

The Put-Away-5-4-LIFE game-drawing winner, Chase Billet from Frontier Valley, will receive a $50 Lunch Certificate plus a Popcorn & Movies 4-Four Pak (Total Value: $112), while runner-up Daniel Thomas from Lone Tree Elementary won a $25 Lunch Certificate plus Popcorn & Movies 4-Two Pak (Total Value: $56). Visit the Nutrition Services website for more news and information.

February 4, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Nutrition Services

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