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Douglas County students and parents to celebrate Colorado Proud Day as proclaimed by Governor

DOUGLAS COUNTY — According to Proclamation of Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper, students throughout Douglas County School District (DCSD) will celebrate the 10th Annual Colorado Proud School Meal Day on Wednesday, September 18.

“The Colorado Proud Program represents more than 1,900 members and promotes the best and the freshest locally grown agricultural products in the state,” Hickenlooper announced via proclamation.  “… eating healthy, wholesome foods provides Colorado’s schoolchildren with improved health and the best chance to succeed in the classroom.”

“Colorado Proud Day spotlights the local, fresh produce we seek to have on our menus during the Colorado growing season,” said DCSD Nutrition Services Director Brent Craig. 

DCSD parents are invited to join their students in school cafeterias for the District’s Colorado Proud Day Meal. “We’re proud to serve locally sourced Colorado fruits, veggies and Red Bird Farms all natural chicken tenderloins,” said DCSD Executive Chef Jason Morse. Parents who wish to join their students are asked to RSVP to the Nutrition Services Reservations Hotline, (303) 387-0336 and to check with their students' school for lunch times as such vary. 

Morse, along with DCSD Dietitian Kasja Larson, fashioned the DCSD Colorado Proud School Lunch menu to feature locally sourced and grown products; including Chicken Parmesan atop whole grain pasta with DCSD Nutrition Services’ Signature Red Sauce, Palisade peaches and a trip down DCSD’s famous Build-Your-Own Salad Harvest Bar (middle and high school students will enjoy a Colorado harvest salad).

“Colorado Proud School Meal Day is the perfect opportunity to educate schoolchildren about the importance of agriculture and nutrition,” said Colorado Department of Agriculture Marketing Specialist Wendy White.

November 15, 2013 | By rmbarber | Category: Nutrition Services

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