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DCSD Celebrates Colorado Proud Day at Cougar Run Elementary

HIGHLANDS RANCH – DCSD Executive Chef Jason Morse and the Nutrition Services team hosted the 10th Annual Colorado Proud School Meal Day on Wednesday, September 18 at Cougar Run Elementary School.

“So we’re at Cougar Run Elementary today doing our Colorado Proud lunch day, we’re here to celebrate the bounty and abundance and harvest of Colorado produce,” explained Chef Jason.

Colorado Proud is a proclamation by Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper to focus on the tremendous produce and agriculture of Colorado. As part of the celebration, DCSD Chef Jason and the DCSD Nutrition Services Team treated the students of Cougar Run Elementary to a short presentation called, “Just Peachy: A Celebration of Colorado Produce,” which focused on the incorporating the delicious Palisade peaches into recipes.

“What’s cool about the produce and getting kids to make healthier choices…it’s more or less empowering them, we’re giving them the information, we’re showing them what’s available and making it something they want and desire,” says Chef Jason.

The students and faculty were then treated to mouth-watering, grilled Palisade peaches with a scoop of frozen, vanilla yogurt. A team of Cougar Run Jr. Chef apprentices dished out the cups of culinary sweetness as the respective grades came out for their midday recess break.

“My most favorite fruit would be a peach because they are really sweet and they have a really nice colored skin,” stated Cougar Run student Brodie Harris.

This is the first year that all 80 schools in DCSD celebrated the Colorado Proud School Day Menu. Parents were invited to join their students for a Colorado Proud Day meal that included chicken parmesan atop whole grain pasta with DCSD’s Nutrition Services’ signature red sauce, Palisade peaches and a trip down DCSD’s famous Build-Your-Own Salad Harvest Bar.

“We’re getting national recognition for our food service that we provide our students which I think is epic and to be able to continue that and really put Douglas County further ahead of the curve is my goal,” concluded Chef Jason.

November 15, 2013 | By rmbarber | Category: Nutrition Services

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