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Superintendent File: IKAB-R-1

An appropriate progress reporting system for all grade levels will be devised in each school through a cooperative study by teachers, principals, parents, and students when appropriate.  The change will be reviewed and evaluated by the District's Learning Services department.  Any system must provide parents, as well as institutions of higher learning, with the information they need to accurately assess the achievement level of the student.  In addition, the progress reporting system must hold the student accountable for all academic work for the entire assessment period and reflect student progress toward District adopted content standards.

Each teacher is required to keep necessary records of student progress and assessments; format of records will be prescribed by the building principal.

Warning Notices and Interim Reports

Teachers may report out at least two times per school year, generally at the end of each 18-week period. Teachers must report out in any area where a student is in danger of failing, not progressing appropriately towards standards and checkpoints or when work habits/behaviors are negatively impacting student learning. As a general rule, teachers will contact parents by phone, e-mail, mail, or in person.

Academic Recognition

At the middle school and high school level, scholarship may be recognized through an academic honor roll or in some other form, at the end of each assessment period.

Academic recognition will be determined by each middle and high school. Recognition of scholarship at the elementary level will be determined by each school.

Current practice codified 1978
Revised: June 1984
Revised: August 18, 1993
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted and revised by the Superintendent: April 20, 2004
Revised: January 26, 2008