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New Transportation Director excited to trade office supplies for the ‘most precious’ cargo

CASTLE ROCK – After years in the transportation business, Donna Grattino feels that her new position has really brought her full circle.

DCSD’s new Director of Transportation says she rode the bus when she was a student and she is proud that her children have had that same opportunity.

“This closes the loop for me in my career. I’ve done every other piece of this. Now I can see it come full circle with my kids,” Grattino said.

Grattino comes to the District from Office Depot, where she was a general manager for Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming. In that position, she led more than 120 employees and oversaw store replenishment, customer shipments and warehousing logistics in our region.

Grattino graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in business from University of Phoenix, received a Manufacturing Certification from Villanova University, and completed the Supply Chain Management Development Program at Penn State University. 

She says she understands the great responsibility she and the entire Transportation department have in getting children safely to and from school.

“I want to instill that confidence level with parents that we’ve got the best and brightest out there. Making sure they are doing what they need to insure that these kids are getting where they need to be, safe and secure,” Grattino said.

Donna Grattino couldn’t have had a better introduction to her new department. Within a week of starting work, she had the opportunity to greet the entire staff at the annual Bus Fest, on Wednesday, August 6 at Castle View High School.

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She was excited to meet as many staff members as she could, because she understands their importance to a transportation organization.

“I feel drivers are a valuable resource in any industry,” Grattino said. “Making sure that we do what we can to support the drivers and treating them with the upmost respect, dignity. We want to make sure they have the tools necessary to be successful.”

She cannot wait to see DCSD busses back out on the road in force next week.

 “I’m excited for school coming up,” Grattino said. “I’m excited to see all the drivers back out.”

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