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Superintendent File: FF-R

For naming new facilities, the appointed principal for each new educational facility shall select a committee of parents, students, staff members, and other interested residents to develop a list of recommended school names for Board consideration and approval. The committee members (excluding staff) shall reside within the attendance boundaries for the school. The charge to the committee will be to solicit suggested names and present the three most favored selections to the Board in priority order. This process shall be concluded prior to the scheduled building completion date for elementary schools. For secondary schools, it is recommended that this process be concluded a minimum of six months prior to the scheduled building completion date.

Schools periodically desire to name an area of their facility after a person that has made a significant educational contribution to their school. Areas may include an auditorium, gymnasium, library, athletic field or other major areas of a school. Individuals who have provided financial donations for the construction of a facility or an area of a facility may be eligible for naming opportunities for an area in that facility. For naming an area of a facility, all requests must be submitted to the Superintendent for prior approval, with supporting information as to the selection process and the reasons for the request.

Established February 9, 1990
Repealed by the Board  and re-enacted  and revised  by the Superintendent: August 19, 2003
Revised:  February 25, 2008