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    A best practice youth suicide prevention model designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse.

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    November Student Wellness and Prevention Framework is on healthy relationships and developing healthy social habits.

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Department Contact

Mental Health

Prevention & School Culture

Cynthia Redfern, Prevention Relations Lead
Mental Health Intervention
Stephanie Crawford-Goetz, Director of Mental Health
Nicol Bessett, Mental Health Lead
Kristi Bird, Autism Team Lead
Stephanie Bulawa, Crisis Team Lead
Keith Sousa, Behavior Team Lead
620 Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Fax: 303-387-0119

Our Intervention Team

Social/emotional support and intervention is a collaboration between administrators, teachers, parents, counselors, school social workers and school psychologists.  By building student skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, we prepare students for learning and for life. Our work covers prevention, as well as targeted and intensive intervention for those who need additional support.  

Each school has a building level crisis team that responds when unfortunate situations occur in a building.  If the crisis is more intense or wide spread, the building may also engage the district crisis team.  

District Mental Health Crisis Team

In the event of a student, parent or staff member death or other traumatic situation, the Douglas County School District's Crisis Team takes action. The District's mental health professionals and administrators work in conjunction with DCSD's Community Relations department and Douglas County law enforcement entities to provide assistance to our school communities.

How to find support and intervention

Each school has designated time from a school psychologist.  Most buildings also have designated time from a school social worker.  Each secondary school has counselors.  To locate your school counselor, please check the building's website.  Below are buttons to find the school psychologists and social workers who serve in your high school feeder.

“S” indicates Social Worker
“P” indicates Psychologist


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Castle Rock Middle School Sibyl Arbello         P
Castle Rock Middle School Megan Basak S
Castle Rock Middle School Laura McCartney S
Castle View High School Annette VanVleet S
Castle View High School Tracey Bowman P
Castle View High School Caroline Curtiss P
Clear Sky Elementary Lauren Bennett P
Clear Sky Elementary Kelsey Jacobsen P
Larkspur Elementary Jackie Winters S
Meadow View Elementary Courtney Dreher P
Meadow View Elementary June Messana S
Sedalia Elementary Becky Miller P
Soaring Hawk Elementary Sarah DeGeeter S
Soaring Hawk Elementary Shuka Hall P




School: Name: "P" or "S"
Chaparral High School Betsy Koch S
Chaparral High School Elizabeth Koch S
Chaparral High School Michael Lydle P
Cherokee Trail Elementary Sara Heim-Smit P
Cherokee Trail Elementary Susan Quatrocelli P
Mammoth Heights Elementary Kathleen Campbell S
Mammoth Heights Elementary Susan Quatrocelli P
Pine Grove Elementary Kelly Jones P
Pine Grove Elementary Jennifer Vanterpool P
Pine Lane Primary/Intermediate Kathleen Campbell S
Pine Lane Primary/Intermediate Ruqayyah Jennings P
Prairie Crossing Elementary Mary Senkosky P
Prairie Crossing Elementary Danielle McDowell S
Sierra Middle School Denise Hartman P
Sierra Middle School Diane Fern S


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Castle Rock Elementary Colleen Hennesey-Pandey P
Cherry Valley Elementary Mary Smith S
Douglas County High School Gerri Dionisio P
Douglas County High School Tricia Anderson S
Douglas County High School Brandi Vos P
Flagstone Elementary Gerri Dionisio P
Mesa Middle School Angela Hollis P
Mesa Middle School Noelle Dennis S
Mesa Middle School Mary Smith S
Renaissance Magnet School Colleen Hennesey-Pandey P
Renaissance Magnet School Allison Armour S
Rock Ridge Elementary Cindy Thomas S
Rock Ridge Elementary Steven Kelley P
Rock Ridge Elementary Justin McNall P
Sage Canyon Elementary Chris Arneson P
Sage Canyon Elementary Lynn Varone P
South Ridge Elementary Nicole Goering P
South Ridge Elementary Cindy Thomas S


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Acres Green Elementary Danielle McDowell S
Acres Green Elementary Erica Parrish P
Arrowwood Elementary Caren Rhodes P
Cougar Run Elementary Tracey Bowman P
Cougar Run Elementary Jennifer Jones S
Cresthill Middle School Sarah Faron S
Cresthill Middle School Mindy Heller P
Cresthill Middle School Nicole Vassuer S
Eagle Ridge Elementary Stephanie Bulawa S
Eagle Ridge Elementary Pam Price P
Eagle Ridge Elementary Molly McDonald S
Fox Creek Elementary Julie Miller P
Highlands Ranch High School Alison Dunn P
Highlands Ranch High School Michele Thompson S
Highlands Ranch High School Chelsea Griffith S
Highlands Ranch High School Amy Stivers P
Lone Tree Magnet School Johnna Clavadetscher P


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Cimarron Middle School Scarlett Doise S
Cimarron Middle School Stephanie Uliana P
Frontier Valley Elementary Brittany Ubben P
Gold Rush Elementary Rochelle Evans P
Iron Horse Elementary Stephanie Duffy P
Legend High School Katie Nicholls S
Legend High School Elyse Lefevre S
Legend High School Chris Saiz P
Pioneer Elementary Anna Beyer S
Pioneer Elementary Susan Quatrocelli P


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Bear Canyon Elementary Chris Hughes P
Copper Mesa Elementary Emily Bryant P
Copper Mesa Elementary Kelsey Jacobsen P
Heritage Elementary Kelsey Jacobsen P
Mountain Ridge Middle School Sarah DeGetter S
Mountain Ridge Middle School Brian Nutter P
Mountain Vista High School Michael Christofferson P
Mountain Vista High School Julie Sturgeon S
Mountain Vista High School Jennifer Harding S
Northridge Elementary Nicole Vasseur S
Northridge Elementary Stephanie Guyer P
Sand Creek Elementary Arrah Hall P
Sand Creek Elementary Kerri Morton Fells S
Summit View Elementary Tricia Brown P


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Franktown Elementary Lynn Varone P
Legacy Point Elementary Susan Peary P
Legacy Point Elementary Danielle McDowell S
Mountain View Elementary Jackie Winters S
Northeast Elementary Courtney Dreher P
Ponderosa High School Bethany Halpin P
Ponderosa High School Noelle Dennis S
Sagewood Middle School John Smrcka P
Sagewood Middle School Karri Wallace S


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Buffalo Ridge Elementary Chantel Albert P
Redstone Elementary Carol Zepelin P
Rock Canyon High School Desi Rozen S
Rock Canyon High School Deb Leck P
Rock Canyon High School Amy Hogsett S
Rocky Heights Middle School Amy Freeman S
Rocky Heights Middle School Kelly Jones P
Rocky Heights Middle School Peter Thompson P
Timber Trail Elementary Nicole Goering P
Wildcat Mountain Elementary Erin Grell P
Wildcat Mountain Elementary Kelly Klassen S


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Coyote Creek Elementary Kristine Hammond P
Eldorado Elementary Emily Montgomery S
Eldorado Elementary Cynthia Ninneman P
Ranch View Middle School Danielle Ross S
Ranch View Middle School Kaitlin Bateman P
Ranch View Middle School Toni Wintraub P
Roxborough Primary Chantel Albert P
Roxborough Intermediate Beth Collins P
Saddle Ranch Elementary Allison Dunn P
Stone Mountain Elementary Jen Distler P
ThunderRidge High School Stephanie Guyer P
ThunderRidge High School Chris Hannaford P
ThunderRidge High School James Tropper S
Trailblazer Elementary Kristen Anderson S
Trailblazer Elementary Chris Desilets P


School: Name: "P" or "S"
Bridge-Castle Rock Chris Hughes P
Bridge-Highlands Ranch Chris Hughes P
Bridge-Highlands Ranch Jen Distler P
Bridge-Highlands Ranch Kristen Anderson S
Bridge-Parker Allison Armour S
DCOakes Kimberly Fredrics P
DC Support Luke Simington S
Eagle Academy Diane Fern S
Plum Creek Academy Mike Eggen S
Plum Creek Academy Barb McLoughlin P
Plum Creek Academy Danielle Morrison S
eDCSD Justin McNall P


Contact Us

Process in contacting staff members:

1. Contact the Mental Health staff member-listed by high school feeder

2. Contact the school administrator who oversees the mental health staff

3. Contact Stephanie Crawford-Goetz, Mental Health Coordinator: sacrawford[at]dcsdk12[dot]org or 720-841-5226

Colorado Crisis Reference Guide

Team U.P. (which stands for Universal Prevention) supports prevention efforts in schools in the areas of substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and relationship and school violence prevention. Staff members help schools implement these crucial prevention efforts in person. Read on to learn about the offerings of Team U.P. 

Seminars: Healthy Social Relationships

Team U.P. partners with elementary schools to offer half-day seminars to 5th and 6th grade students about healthy social relationships.  These seminars consist of break-out sessions which include intentional games, discussions, and activities to proactively help these students navigate their way in social situations.  Topics addressed during this event include the following: respect, diversity, commonalities, leadership, and preteen culture.  In addition, there are sessions that talk about the differences between bullying and normal conflict, being a bystander and an upstander, and what are the sources of support these students turn to when life gets tricky, regardless of the magnitude of the problem.  If you are interested in hosting a seminar at your school, please contact Ann Metz ammetz[at]dcsdk12[dot]org.

Teen Dating Violence

Team U.P. works with schools to create Restorative Cultures. By using the 5 R's of Restorative strategies , Relationships, Responsibility, Respect, Repair and Reintegration, we work to establish positive communities in our schools.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Team U.P. is passionate about teaching healthy behaviors regarding substance abuse. We know that using alcohol and drugs can decrease a teen’s decision making skills and to make rational judgements, and increase their risk taking. Team U.P. uses Botvin Life Skills for Middle and High Schools:

  • giving students the tools to develop high self-esteem
  • teaching students to make good decisions based on what is best for them
  • emphasizing good communication and assertiveness skills
  • encouraging healthy and positive relationships
  • developing positive coping skills to live a life that is free from substance abuse

More information from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

View the full list of Prevention & School Culture services provided by Team U.P.

Team U.P. at Your School

Bring Team U.P. to your school! For more information, please contact Cynthia Redfern at Cynthia.redfern[at]dcsdk12[dot]org

Month-by-Month Recommended Videos and Reading Materials 

December: Building Resiliency & Awareness Around Risky Health Behaviors


January: Awareness around Bullying and Harassment

Recommended reading: 
    Pre-K - 6th grade:
  • My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig
  • One by Kathryn Otoshi
  • The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill
  • Bully by Patricia Polacco
  • The Juice Box Bully:  Empowering Kids to Stand Up for Others by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy
  • Jungle Bullies by Steven Kroll
  • Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld
  • Enemy Pie by Derek Munson
  • Tease Monster by Julia Cook
  • Nobody!:  A Story about Overcoming Bullying in Schools by Erin Frankel
  • Weird by Erin Frankel
  • Cell Phoney by Julia Cook
  • Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

  • Spookly the Square Pumpkin by Joe Trioanio

  • Chester Raccoon Big Bad Bully By: Audrey Penn

  • Lucy and the Bully by Clair Alexander

    Middle and High school:
  • Falling into Place by Amy Zhang
  • The Survival Guide to Bullying:  Written by a Kid for a Kid by Aija Mayrock
  • Bullying Under Attack:  True Stories Written by Teen Victims, Bullies, and Bystanders by John Meyer, Emily Sperber,                                                                                                         Heather Alexander, Stephanie H. Meyer
  • Stand Strong:  You Can Overcome Bullying (and other stuff that keeps you down) by Nick Vujicic
  • Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas
  • Life Unaware by Cole Gibsen
  • Tease by Amanda Maciel
  • Bullycide:  True Stories Exposing the Influence Bullying has on Youth Suicide Vol. 2 by Alexander Scott

February: Protective Factors Around Suicide

Recommended reading:
    PreK - 6th grade
  • When Sofie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang
  • The Way I Feel by Janan Cain
  • F Is for Feeling by Goldie Millar and Lisa A. Berger
  • Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook
  • What to do When You Are Scared and Worried:  A Guide for Kids by James J. Crist
  • The Worry Glasses:  Overcoming Anxiety by Donalisa Helsley
  • When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang
  • When I'm Feeling Angry by Trace Moroney
  • Zach Gets Frustrated by William Mulcahy
  • Cool Down and Work Through Anger by Cheri Meiners
  • What Were You Thinking:  A Story About Learning to Control Your Impulses by Bryan Smith
  • Hold On To Your Horses by Sandra Tayler
  • The Busy Beaver by Nicholas Oldland
  • Talk and Work It Out by Cheri Meiners
  • Let's Be Enemies by Janice May Udry
  • The Quarreling Book by Charlotte Zolotow
  • I Can Handle It by Laurie Wright
  • The Blue Day Book for Kids by Bradley Trevor Grieve 
  • How are You Peeling? Food with Moods by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers 
  • A Handful of Quiet by Thich Nhat Hanh (For Teachers/Staff)

March: Awareness around School Violence

Recommended reading
    PreK - 3rd Grade:
  • Jenny Is Scared:  When Sad Things Happen in the World by Carol Shuman
    Middle and High School:
  • Ending School Violence:  Solutions from America's Youth by Jason Ryan Dorsey

April: Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior

Activities/Lesson Plan:
  • Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and alcohol don't mix website
  • Candy vs. Medicine Activity: (1st - 2nd)

    Take common household medicines (tylenol, vitamins, etc.) and candies and put them in numbered ziplock bags and have kids guess whether it was candy or medicine. Do not hand out or pass around bags. Discuss as doing activity the importance of knowing the difference.

    What your brain is like on drugs activity: Use jolly ranchers and divide class into 2 teams. hey each have to race to open jolly ranchers. Then give each team gloves. They repeat the race and put gloves on before they try to open them. Time each race and they can see the difference. Then talk about why it was harder and how drugs can impair the brain in permanent ways like the gloves impaired their ability to open the candy.

Recommended reading:
    PreK - 6th grade:
  • Gracie's Secret by Lorelie Rozzano
  • When Someone in the Family Drinks Too Much by Richard Langsen
  • An Elephant in the Living Room:  The Children's Book by Jill M. Hastings and Marion H. Typpo
  • Wishes and Worries:  Coping with a Parent Who Drinks Too Much Alcohol by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Bottles Break by Nancy Maria Grande Tabor
    High School:  
  • Hyperstimulation:  Teens, Porn, and Online Addictions by Craig Georgianna, Tom Underhill, Chad Kelland

May: Summer Resources

Recommned Reading:
  • Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss
  • How do Dinosaurs Stay Safe by Jane Yolen
  • Scoop by Julia Cook
  • The Bubble Wrap Queen by Julia Cook
  • Westlandia by Paul Fleischman