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Seeking volunteers for Long Range Planning Committee

The Douglas County School District is looking for volunteers to serve on the Long Range Planning Committee. Learn more below:


What is the Long Range Planning Committee?

Douglas County School District’s Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) was established in 1983 as an advisory body to the Board of Education. The LRPC’s charge is to continually analyze and evaluate population impacts on the District, to collect community feedback, and to recommend appropriate actions to the Board of Education regarding school capacity alternatives, facility usage, and anticipated capital outlay requirements.

So what exactly do members of the Long Range Planning Committee do?

  • Data Analysis-The DCSD Planning department routinely performs demographic analysis when considering the addition of classrooms, the building of new schools, designing attendance plans, and projecting the possible impacts of facility usage alternatives. By assessing birth trends, enrollment trends, changes in land-use, and residential development on a regular basis, DCSD Planning helps to ensure our community’s facility needs are met in the most efficient and effective manner.  LRPC members can assist staff in this effort by developing analyses, performing analyses, reviewing findings, and/or providing input on suggested alternatives.

  • Capital Planning-Every year, DCSD staff publishes the Master Capital Plan. The DCSD Master Capital Plan is a rolling, five year plan which contains recommendations for capital projects that may be needed in the next five years. The Master Capital Plan helps support the Board of Education in determining projects for current and future bond elections. LRPC members play a valuable role in helping staff to develop and review the annual Master Capital Plan.

  • Public Involvement- Truly involving the public in the District’s planning process is something DCSD staff prioritizes. Last year DCSD staff developed and conducted an extensive outreach and engagement campaign. DCSD staff and LRPC members held 86 meetings and gathered approximately 1,200 pieces of feedback regarding the District’s capital needs and a potential funding strategy.  Continual outreach and engagement is a central part of the Planning & Construction staff’s mission and the LRPC plays a valuable role in serving as a liaison between the community and DCSD staff.

How much time would I have to commit?

Meetings are usually held the first Wednesday evening of each month and are approximately 2 hours long. Members have the option of participating on subcommittees which will schedule and hold meetings as needed.  Additional public meetings are occasionally held to review specific projects or policy changes with impacted stakeholders.  

What qualities are you looking for?

Commitment-We’re looking for individuals who can dedicate the time and effort needed to get projects done and help us with our public involvement efforts.  Beyond the monthly meeting, applicants should be available to occasionally work on projects with other members, meet with staff, and attend public meetings. LRPC members played a central role in last year’s outreach effort by meeting with 52 different School Accountability Committees.

Longevity-Typical LRPC terms are 3 years. However, some LRPC members have served much longer than this and provide the committee with a wealth of knowledge regarding the District and the community.  While DCSD welcomes assistance on specific projects (with both a start and finish date), an ideal candidate will be willing to dedicate the time it takes to contribute to the long term culture and health of Douglas County School District.

Knowledge of DCSD-Douglas County School District is an independent special-purpose government which serves under the guidelines of state government and the local school board.  Despite similar governance, no two school districts are the same.  Much like the Town of Castle Rock and the City of Lone Tree are two very different communities and organizations, Douglas County School District and Jefferson County School District for instance can vary greatly regarding policies, philosophy, and overall mission. Ideal candidates have taken the time to become familiar with Douglas County School District and what makes this district unique.

Technical Expertise-The Long Range Planning Committee’s charge is to review and provide recommendations regarding DCSD’s facility and capacity needs. This work requires the group to keep close track of new housing developments and its impact on student enrollment. Discussions and projects often require a basic understanding of capital planning, demographics, and residential development.  Discussions around facility usage and utility often touch on topics of public finance. Ideal members should have some experience and knowledge on one or all of the above areas.  

Public Involvement Experience-LRPC members serve as valuable liaisons between DCSD staff and the public. Those interested in becoming members should be comfortable with and have a passion for working directly with the community.


If you reside within Douglas County School District and are interested in serving on this important committee please complete and submit an application HERE.

March 9, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Long Range Planning Committee

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