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Board File: JJI

The purposes of athletic programs in the secondary schools of the District shall be:

1.   To provide a wide basis of participation in both team and individual sports in interscholastic competition.

2.   To develop a strong program of competitive sports:

  1. By encouraging and developing talented athletes in all sports and providing sufficient opportunity, especially at the middle school level, for students to develop individual ability;
  2. By encouraging the development of team spirit among all members of the team and their coaches;
  3. By  developing  good  attitudes,  pride,  sportsmanship,  and  ethical behavior in students, participants, and spectators;
  4. By developing and maintaining a good relationship between athletic teams and the student body, faculty, administration, and community;
  5. By  teaching  fundamentals  and  techniques  of  each  sport  in  a progressive sequence as appropriate for students at higher grade levels;
  6. By  providing  student  athletes  with  an  awareness  of  potential opportunities as afforded them through competitive athletics.

In keeping with the above goals, the Board shall seek to fund girls’ sports on an equal opportunity basis with boys’ sports and shall permit and encourage coeducational teams when the particular sport is determined suitable as a coeducational activity.  The Board of Education shall encourage students, faculty, and the community to recognize the value of athletics in relation to the total school program.

Conduct Rules for Student-Athletes

The student-athlete (the term student-athlete as used hereinafter includes athletes and student managers) shall obey training and conduct rules appropriate to his/her obligation to teammates, coaches, teachers, and school, as well as to all representatives of hosting and visiting schools.

These regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.   The student-athlete must

  1. Not be involved in the use, possession, distribution, gift, purchase, exchange or sale of alcohol;
  2. Not smoke or use any form of tobacco;
  3. Not be involved in the use, possession, distribution, gift, purchase, exchange or sale of drugs, as that term is defined in District policy JICH;
  4. Be willing to submit to rules of conduct and appearance prescribed by the coach when representing the school;
  5. Inform the head coach that he/she intends to drop or quit any sport;
  6. Meet all eligibility rules of the Colorado High School Activities Association and of the District.

2.   A student-athlete who violates any or all of the above rules is subject to suspension or expulsion from participation in athletic activities.

Portions adopted October 15, 1973
Revised: November 21, 1979
Revised: October 15, 2002

JICH, Student Involvement Regarding Drugs and Alcohol