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Superintendent File: GCN-R-1

“Second Look” Process – Revised 2015

In order to further establish inter-rater reliability and integrity in the evaluations of licensed staff before a teacher receives a final evaluation rating, the following process shall be available following a teacher’s mid-year review conference which is to be held by January 31st of each school year.

For those who desire to participate, this process will provide additional feedback on their evidence and performance. It will also provide clarity and understanding of particular Continuous Improvement of Teacher Effectiveness (CITE) elements and supporting evidence.


A teacher or the teacher’s evaluator may request additional input (the “Second Look”) into the mid-year review rating of Standards 1-5 on CITE by February 7th. Such request shall be made in writing (email) to the Principal, the Director of Schools assigned to the location, and the Director of CITE. After the Principal is notified about a request for a Second Look review, then the teacher submits the following:

Teacher Second Look Request Form

The school administrator may also request a teacher Second Look review.  The administrator submits the following:

Administrator Second Look Request Form

The site-based internal review of specific evidence and/or an additional classroom observation will be conducted by the teacher’s evaluator’s supervisor. (For example, if the evaluator is the Assistant Principal, the Principal shall conduct the review.  If the principal is the primary evaluator, the Second Look process shall move to an external review.) The Director of CITE (DOC) and/or the Director of Schools (DOS) will move the review process to the External Review team (See definition below). The feedback from this review, including identification of any resources and areas for improvement, shall be provided to the teacher, who may choose to share with his or her evaluator to be added to the summative body of evidence to be considered in a final review rating. If the teacher chooses to share the feedback with his or her evaluator, then all of the feedback shall be shared. This site-based internal review shall be completed by February 21st.

After a Second Look process is completed, the teacher is required to submit the following:

Second Look Feedback and Reflection Form


After the site-based internal review (if applicable), the teacher or the teacher’s evaluator may request an external review limited to the standards reviewed in the site-based process by February 28th. Such request shall be made in writing. The designated Director of Schools (DOS) for the teacher’s school and the Director of CITE will schedule and monitor the external review process.

Teacher External Review Second Look Request Form

External Review Team. The review shall be undertaken by a team of either two external evaluators or two external trained reviewers chosen by the DOS and the DOC from a pool.

External Review Process. The External Review Team shall be “blind”, meaning that the External Review Team shall not be provided with the original evaluator’s or internal reviewer’s ratings previously given to the teacher on the standards to be reviewed. The review may include a “paper” review of evidence and/or formal observation. The teacher may provide existing evidence to the External Review Team. With assistance from the DOS and the DOC, the External Review Team shall work with the teacher to schedule the paper review and/or formal observation (if requested). The review of data/evidence shall use the same protocol that an evaluator would use. If a formal observation is requested, the same protocol, including a post-observation conference with the External Review Team, the teacher and assigned evaluator, shall be held.

External Review Report. The External Review Team shall prepare a report which shall be included in the teacher’s body of evidence for the summative evaluation. The report shall be limited to the standards reviewed through the external review process, and shall include identification of strengths, areas needing improvement, and areas needing additional evidence. The report shall also include any recommendations for resources, coaching or professional development to assist the teacher. The External Review Team shall provide feedback to the teacher and shall assign ratings for the standards reviewed. The External Review Team shall meet with the teacher and the assigned evaluator to review the report results. The report and any ratings shall be shared with the DOS, the DOC and the evaluator. The external review shall be completed by March 28th.

Adopted by Superintendent: December 3, 2015