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Board File: IJC

The Board of Education believes that parental/guardian involvement is critical to student success, and that such student success in the classroom is enhanced when there is parental access to information regarding the instructional resources used in the classroom.

For purposes of this policy:

“Instructional resources” shall mean textbooks, print and non-print resources such as software, web-based products, online resources,  frequently used websites,  assigned titles of literature, primary sources,  periodicals, newspapers, slides and transparencies, models, pictures, diagrams, maps, charts, slides, electronic recordings, and computer applications which relate to the curriculum and are available for teacher use and/or student selection. Instructional resources shall not include textbooks, novels, websites or online resources, literary or poetry selections or any other materials independently identified by a student for use in connection with classroom activities.

Access to Instructional Resources

The teacher shall provide to the parents/guardians of each student in the class/course access to instructional resources that the teacher plans to use during the class/course.  This access may be in any form (handout, list, email, or on a website accessible to the parents/guardians) chosen by the school or teacher. The school/teacher shall keep the instructional resources updated and accessible to parents/guardians. As determined by the teacher, additional instructional resources may be selected/added throughout the learning unit based on student needs, interests, and student choice. These materials will also be made available to parent/guardians/stakeholders. In addition to providing access to instructional resources to support student learning, teachers shall consider the impact of the selected materials in creating and maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students, inclusive of and sensitive to multiple perspectives.

Objections or Complaints

Objections or Complaints regarding instructional resources shall first be addressed at the classroom or building level. If that does not resolve the issue, the process described in District policy KEC and its supporting regulation KEC-R, Public Complaints about Learning Resources shall be followed.

The Superintendent shall report to the Board on a quarterly basis complaints regarding instructional resources that are not resolved at the building level.

Adopted:  September 15, 2015

IJ – Textbook and Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
KEC – Public Complaints about Learning Resources
KEC-R - Public Complaints about Learning Resources