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    DCSD is reinventing American Education and our amazing teachers are leading the way. That is why we reward our excellent educators, while also looking for the best to join our team.

  • Supporting Great Leaders

    We are committed to supporting our leaders so they can take measured risks in order to achieve the unimaginable.

  • Supporting Great Employees

    We love our employees, which is why we support their efforts to grow.

  • A rewarding career

    Paying great employees a professional wage

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Human Resources

620 Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104


To be a highly respected and valued District strategic partner that is known for its innovation and high level of service.


To support and enable those who are impacting the quality of education of students (both directly and indirectly) by maximizing their effectiveness. We will accomplish this through:

  • Measuring and improving upon key performance indicators

  • Perfecting systems performance

  • Delivering high value work to customers through migration of HR value from administrative to strategic

  • Attracting, hiring, retaining, and rewarding top talent

  • Communicating essential information consistently and accurately

  • Creative and strategic thinking

Key Strategies:

  • Ensure skills development and effective cross-training in HR
  • Improve cycle time and quality of HR processes

  • Leverage innovation, technology, and automation wherever and whenever possible

  • Focus on costs

Core Values:

  • Customer Service...we strive to work collaboratively to understand the needs of our customers, partner with them to create and implement effective solutions, and honor our commitments made to them.
  • Integrity...we do the right thing; honestly, without compromising the truth or working in the grey area.
  • Innovation...we are disciplined in utilizing creativity, technology, and automation in all that we do.
  • Excellence...we passionately do our best, enable others to reach their potential; while striving for zero errors.
  • Continuous Improvement...we take initiative to constantly pursue better processes and seek personal and professional growth and development for ourselves.
  • Commitment to Communication...we commit to regularly share helpful and relevant information; timely, clearly, candidly, and with transparency.

Rewarding excellence and attracting the best

Douglas County School District is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best employees, by paying professional salaries and rewarding those who are great at what they do.

While most school districts are constrained by antiquated pay systems, our innovative pay for performance model provides us the opportunity to celebrate effectiveness with increases in compensation in a variety of methods.


DCSD has built an entire integrated system, created to benefit and support our employees.

In addition to providing opportunities for financial reward, we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to look forward at which career pathways they would like to pursue and what professional development they’ll need to accomplish these dreams.

Our goal in the Douglas County School District is to ensure our students have what they need to compete on a world stage by helping our employees become more effective and rewarding them when they are.

More about Pay for Performance

Benefits & Staff Wellness

We know that taking care of the health and wellbeing of our employees makes them happier and more productive parts of our organization. That is why we offer high quality employee benefits including health and life insurance, as well as assistance and wellness programs.

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Learn More about DCSD's excellent benefits package

DCSD Benefits

Substitute Teaching in Douglas County Schools

Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching at DCSD.

All interested applicants must apply via our online application system by creating a Workday Applicant Profile

Once an applicant has registered and set up their general profile in Workday, he/she must then apply specifically to the Substitute Teacher Job Posting for the 2016-2017 SY.

To be considered for employment as a DCSD Substitute Teacher, applicants must upload and provide the following items at the time of application:

  • Copy of current Colorado Department of Education Teaching License, or Colorado Substitute Authorization (3 or 5 year only)
  • Copies of all official transcripts
  • Copies of passing results for any PLACE or PRAXIS tests taken.
  • Three Professional References, with a minimum of 2 prior supervisors.

Douglas County School District does not issue Colorado Teaching Licenses or Substitute Authorizations.

Please refer to The Colorado Department of Education Website for licensing information.




Human Resources Professional Learning

Professional Training for all Employees

Did you know that there are a number of professional development opportunities available here in DCSD for our employees district-wide? Visit our website for more information on the programs listed below. Click here for a catalog of classes offered throughout the year.

                            Visit the HRPL Website


Leadership Institute

This is a comprehensive professional development program for leaders. The program's focus is leadership knowledge, skills, and development for leaders of all work groups. Learn more

Classified Mentor Program

A mentor supports and helps employees feel they have a point of contact for information and expertise. Mentors assist in the orientation of new employees and provide two-way communication to and from the District for all classified staff. Learn more

Essential Skills

Essential Skills classes are designed to improve the job specific skills of employees. Many of these classes are designed to support the various information systems used by the District. Classes include Infinite Campus modules, Workday trainings, New Employee Information, and Technology Orientation. Learn more

Management Seminar

The definition of seminar is “a meeting in which you receive information on and training in a particular subject.” In the Management Seminar program, classes will be offered on a variety of subjects pertinent to staff members in the district that supervise others. Learn more



Contact Information

Director of Human Resources Professional Learning
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Human Resources Professional Learning Coordinator
Human Resources Professional Learning Coordinator
312 Cantril Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104