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Role of your school nurse

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Every Douglas County school has a school nurse consultant. Your school nurse consultant is responsible for multiple schools and may not be at your school on a daily basis, but is always available to you by cell phone. On the days that the nurse is out of the district, another nurse in the area is on-call and available for urgent matters. Please consider email as a way to contact your nurse with a written record of what your student’s health needs are so your nurse may research and develop treatment recommendations and plans when calling back. If the matter is urgent, please use the on-call system on your nurse’s cell phone; otherwise, please leave a message and your nurse will contact you as soon as possible.

As a school nurse consultant, our role includes identifying students who have health problems. We collaborate and communicate with parents, school staff and appropriate medical personnel to develop plans that will help students with health concerns to be fully available for learning. School nurse consultant services include:

·  Identify students with health concerns and develop lists of significant issues for use by school personnel

·  Education and training of staff for health and safety needs

·  Serve on Special Education Interdisciplinary Team, offering consultation and creating a health report for Initial and Reevaluations

·  As determined by their availability, your school nurse may provide classroom presentations for health issues as identified

· Train staff and delegate medical care as needed to responsible school personnel

·  Help staff with attendance issues related to health and/or safety concerns

·  Liaison for communicable disease prevention

·  504/Homebound consultation

·  Vision screening consultation

·  Health counseling and referral for students

·  Staff Wellness (health promotion and education)


Please notify your school nurse consultant of any health concerns or needs your students may have.

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