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DCSD students pledge to be ‘vape free’ on national Kick Butts Day

Fact: Vaping is prohibited in DCSD tobacco policy

CASTLE ROCK – Students at six Douglas County middle schools signed a pledge on Wednesday, promising that they won’t use electronic cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Schools across the country, including Cresthill, Castle Rock Middle, Mesa, Mountain Ridge, Ranch View and Rocky Heights middle Schools in Douglas County, held Kick Butt Day events on March 15, to highlight tobacco's toll and raise awareness of the tobacco problem the community at-large, including the dangers of e-cigarettes or vaping.

Students say they worked with their school nurse consultants to organize the events, because they’ve seen first-hand the health impacts caused by cigarettes.

“My uncle has smoked a lot and it has really messed up his life,” said Mesa Middle School seventh-grader Cody Heath. “I want to get the message out so my friends don’t get to the point that my uncle did.”

As you may be aware, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) does have an anti-tobacco policy, which specifically prohibits the use of both traditional and electronic cigarettes, along with other tobacco products, on school grounds.

Above: Mesa Middle School students pass out earbuds for taking the pledge to be tobacco-free. 

READ MORE: Board Policy JICG: Smoking and Other Uses of Tobacco by Students

Additionally, recent local media stories have highlighted the dangers posed by electronic cigarettes.

WATCH: CBS 4 - ‘It’s Easy To Hide’: Students Say Vaping Is Everywhere

DCSD’s does provide resources to students, parents and staff members through its Believe In Yourself Program website.

March 16, 2017 | By rmbarber | Category: Health Wellness and Prevention

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